The Bride in White. The Bride in the River.

Bride in River (sq)

by Tiny Mason

In late December 2014 I received this  prophetic painting by Tony Mason. Producing this has involved Tony in 2 years of major spiritual battle – including fasting and foundational life shifts.

I have attached a modified copy of the painting (to fit WordPress format). The original is a huge painting that depicts very bright lights falling on the surface of water and radiating underwater onto a white horse who is galloping on the firm foundation of the riverbed. The path ahead is brightly lit up.

The Bride in the River is about me but also us as the Bride of Christ. I keep hearing and relishing in the truth that, “I am in the river! I am in Christ! We are His Bride – not just the Bride of Christ but the Bride in Christ. That’s why we are white, pure, spotless. We are in Jesus – so the living water, the river of life, is constantly washing and carrying us!”

It’s a fun place to rest for holidays, workdays, everyday!

The words with the painting were:

My bride in white 
My bride in the river
I will shine my light upon you
My bride who is pure and righteous
You represent my body well
I am the great I am
Stay in here with me
For you are postured in greatness
And I’m coming in new ways all the time
And will come forever more
My church my bride,
If it be but one that sees me well
That sits with me faithful as you,
Then that is who I choose
To romance an apostolic symphony upon
Chance with me
Mystify with me
For I am 
And you are 
My bride in white 
My bride in the river


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