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February 2018


Dear friends


God’s transforming power …


A few months ago we shared a brilliant testimony regarding a large secondary school in the Chikwawa region of South Malawi. Around half the students and teachers were saved at that outreach and the dominant witchcraft/satanic rule was driven out with those leaders repenting.


A report has since come of a similar outcome at a smaller high school (560 students) in the Chikwawa area. However at this school outreach all the students and teaching staff were saved and many set free. The prevailing satanic rule over that school was destroyed as well. How awesome is our God.



Prayer-walking is powerful! With the above schools, prayer-walking teams prayed around the first school ten times before their outreach – and a few more times times at the second school. When we step out in faith and boldness decreeing/declaring God’s word – the entrenched spirit realm is greatly impacted. The mighty power of Heaven blasts through and hell is uprooted! The apostolic Prayer Points that the prayer-walk teams base from are listed below – as you see, they work!

The photo below shows just some of the wonderful fruit … We are blessed with some exceptional leaders in Africa. A new Christian’s class in Chikwawa, Malawi – 2,600 youth at this one. Among them are future revivalists, apostles, prophets, pastors, education and business leaders.

Transformers Feb 2018

There’s one thing missing in that photo … Bibles! It is an acute need and we ask your help as we need to provide them for the new believers asap. (bank details are below). We welcome you to partner with us and pray for us – this work in Malawi and four other nations in southern/central Africa continues to thrive and flourish (and that costs $).


We are indeed a chosen generation

God is preparing a vast worldwide harvest. Prayer, passion and surrender to Him is the call of the hour. Prayer is key in this End time which is fast becoming ‘Our time.’ Many breakthrough companies – both small and large will emerge and spearhead stunning breakthroughs in towns, cities and nations … an unprecedented season of authority and power is about to unleash.


Presence Prayer

Intercession, decrees and declarations are familiar to most of us and they certainly are effective forms of prayer. But what of Presence Prayer? Some are aware of the higher level of power this prayer can generate – it is ‘prayer sent out from God’s Presence.’ Decrees in particular prove to be ultra-effective when released in this way.


How do we do this?


  • Begin your prayer time with reverence for God –
  • then enter gratitude and praise (for who He is) – which brings His presence
  • from praise move with the Holy Spirit into worship and glorify our mighty and magnificent Lord in His Holiness, righteousness, justice etc –
  • which brings his Glory – and from that place you make your decrees


When you pursue praying from His Presence you can expect to receive fresh prayer directives from the Spirit of God – so decree them with authority and faith. Don’t be in a hurry … cherish your time in worship and His Presence; affirming your adoration and love for Him. In that way, God’s dunamis power will be released upon the words you speak out – and you can expect some tremendous outcomes.

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Prayer Points

We pray/decree: This school shall be transformed for the Glory of God! “Arise O God and let Your enemies be scattered!” – Psalm 68:1

“God will establish tables in the midst of their enemies” – Psalm 23:5

“The Lord will be a wall of fire all about and His glory seen in the midst” – Zechariah 2:5

Over the school: We pray/decree: the Blessing- Goodness- Love and Kindness of the Lord over every student and staff.
We pray the Lord’s Presence-Peace and Protection 3 John v2

Truth – righteousness and respect shall be established here.
Doors shall open – and remain open to the Gospel – Revelation 3:8

There shall be a full quota of Christian workers.

Over the students: God’s Mercy- Love- Acceptance- Hope- Healing- Protection- Release and Freedom!
The students shall have hearts to know God and have life-changing encounters with Him.
They will receive a revelation of God’s love and greatness.
They will come to know the truth and the truth will make them free – God’s goodness will lead them to repentance – John 8:32, Romans 2:4

We pray a mighty harvest of souls!

Many passionate young people with hearts ablaze for God will come from this school; ones carrying His Presence- His Glory- His love and His miracles.

Among them will be apostles, prophets, revivalists, harvesters, pastors and intercessors – as well as leaders in business, education, community and government.

To bullying– violence– drugs- immorality– humanism- rebellion and deception: we say, GO from this school in Jesus’ name!

Over the Christian workers: God’s Grace– Love– Anointing- Wisdom- Blessing– Favour and Boldness.

Over the teachers, staff and volunteers: Blessing- Wisdom– Justice– Compassion– Authority and Kindness.

Kingdom of God come – will of God be done – as it is in Heaven! Matthew 6:10

Make sure to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Thank you especially to those who pray for this work and give support – you’re the best and we appreciate you!!

For His glory!

Marilyn McKennyMarilyn McKenny

The fields are white for harvest …

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