Word for Australia and the South Pacific Islands  2015-2016

 Sheena Ryan,  Australian Prophetic Council

It’s a year to seek and contend for God’s nuclear power to be released throughout the land so that there will be a hastening of the vision, God’s vision for this land. Write the vision LARGE in prophetic declaration!

God desires that the blockages be removed and the blessings overflow. Some of the blessing has been blocked by the ancient curses. Ancient curses will be broken by the tremendous outpouring of the nuclear power of God, power which has extreme ability to release blockages and activate the promises. Contend for this!

It’s a year for our Indigenous people to rise, for revelation of the one and only Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to overtake ancestor and nature worship, and false religion, for the voice of healing to be heard in teh land. Contend for this! 

It’s a year for God’s people to re-dig the ancient wells, as Isaac did. It’s time the unresolved pain for the Indigenous and the unresolved historical pain of transportation and injustice for the whites. It’s time, not just to say sorry to each other but to express forgiveness to each other, so the circle of healing can be completed. It’s over! It’s time to move on and finish the old cycle of pain. Contend for this!

It’s time to war against the ancient spirits, that would hold the land in unforgiveness and refusal to reconcile or become integrated, on the part of the Indigenous and the white, and any other nationality that resists unity.

  • Strongholds of unforgiveness and division will fall.
  • Australian churches will flow in unity as never before.
  • There will be new wells of blessing and promises to be dug which will be for this generation.
  • For the old will pass away. Old chains, shackles, old and powerless ghosts will die. (Isaiah 26:12 AMP)
  • That which has cursed the physical land, producing drought, will be smitten – never to rise again – at the command of the faith filled prophets.
  • Injustice will be broken by the command of the faith filled prophets
  • Australia will be seen as the lighthouse of the nations, shining the gospel and the power of reconciliation to light the way for others.
  • God will overturn the barriers to the fulfilment of His promises for this land.

It’s time to be known as the land which practices reconciliation and unity,

It’s time for the Holy Spirit to legislate the laws of the nation, and Christians to be seen as the spiritual and natural leaders. God is even now positioning fervent and faithful Christians in Parliament. The Prayers of the Parliamentary House Prayer Groups will be answered. Contend for this!

God will launch His intercessors, prophets and apostles with nucear spiritual power to rise quickly to their next level and the broken dreams will be restored and lost time restored to them. It’s time, Calebs. Ask for your mountain. The Beloved of God in this nation will be seen clothed in their wedding garment and will dance upon disappointment and lost hope and injustice. Beloved of God, those who earnestly seek His face, will rise and be seen. For God will reveal them,  even as a young woman would make her debut and be presented to royalty, so will our God present His beloved to both natural and spiritual royalty. Arise from the dust in which circumstances have kept you.

O Beloved One, this nation will have its honour revealed, and nations will be in awe when they see that the hand of the Almighty and Hoy God is truly upon it. No longer despised, overlooked and scorned, but rising in the glory of God in the season of destruction, Australia will be seen as in a springtime season. (Song of Solomon 2:12 “The flowers appear on the earth once again; the time for singing has come and the voice of the turtledove is heard in the land.”)

Australia shall partner with Israel as never before. Those who would try to stop this partnership from their place of political power will find the hand of God moving against them. For our God has done and will do valiantly for His people.


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