A Prayer for Australia

Join us in living this declaration of Jesus’ victory in us and our nation!

Our Father,

Awaken Us to be one with You and each other as the Body of Christ in Australia so:

  • We testify to the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives, families, local areas and nation.
  • We give all our attention and allegiance to You and to no other gods or sovereign apart from You.
  • We submit to You, Jesus, our selves, our callings, ‘entitlements’ and unholy reverence of others, acknowledging You as the Head of Your Church. Make us Your House of Prayer for All Nations!
  • We wait to see what You, Father, are doing and arise to fulfil only the part You ask of us.
  • We stand to fight for our nation’s Christian heritage and the children, youth and future of Australia.

Awaken Us to how deeply we each and all are loved by You so:

  • We love You, Lord, with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength.
  • We see ourselves and each other as You see us – as Your beloved sons, daughters and heirs.
  • We enjoy intimate communication and relationship with You.
  • We live abundantly – free from:
    • Apathy, laziness, passivity,distractions, false comforts and addictions.
    • Excessive luxury, consumerism and materialism.
    • Sexual defilement through electronic/paper media; thought and behavioural patterns.
    • Holding onto our perspectives, opinions and thinking. Give us Your mind, Christ.
    • Relying on identity from our work, positions, incomes, ministries, talents and achievements.
    • Disrespect for people of other gender, age groups, races, cultures, religions etc.

Awaken Us to love our neighbours as well as we love ourselves so:

  • We love and forgive others as fully we have been loved and forgiven by You, Father.
  • We feed those who are hungry for food and for righteousness.
  • We comfort sick and hurting people around us, praying for their healing.
  • We remember those who are in hospitals, aged care homes and prison and visit them.
  • We support and defend disempowered people -‘widows and orphans,’ unborn babies, homeless…
  • We protect and nurture the flora, fauna and environments of our planet.

Awaken Us to Hear what the Spirit is Saying to Your Church so:

  • We understand the times and seasons we are in.
  • We discern both good and evil and choose life-giving good over life-draining evil.
  • We do not quench and miss out on the Holy Spirit’s crucial work in our hearts, lives and gatherings. Lead us, Spirit of God, into increasing understanding, freedom and Christ likeness.

Awaken and Unite Us to be One Body under Jesus’ Headship so:

  • We are of one mind with one love, one spirit, one purpose, one body in one Spirit; called to one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all, through all and in all.
  • We speak only what is good; building each other up with encouragement, comfort and strength.
  • We humbly submit to each other in mutual servanthood, embracing all the functions of the One Body.
  • We joyfully recognise, honour, bless, enable, empower and release children, men and women in this nation to fulfil their God-given identities, gifts, functions and callings.

Awaken and Unite Us to go and make disciples of all nations : Indigenous & immigrant Australians & beyond- fully preaching and living the gospel of Christ through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God… fulfilling our nation’s destiny in the world, as The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

Your kingdom come and Your will done on earth as it is in heaven, for Your glory, Jesus. Amen