What’s On? Ways to Connect in Prayer & Evangelism Across Australia

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This calendar lists united prayer & evangelism equipping, events & ongoing gatherings in time sequence under the following categories. Scroll down to see details.

  • Pray for the Nations
  • Pray for Australia
  • Pray for Victoria
  • Pray for your State & Territory: Prayer & Evangelism Contacts, Networks & Houses of Prayer in Other States & Territories.

Pray for the Nations

 Ongoing International Prayer Invitations:

PIPES partners with National Forgiveness Week,
hosting international weekly prayer via Zoom

We meet weekly to pray with representatives from across Australia & South Pacific Nations to pray for God’s evident move among national Church & Government leaders to equip their people in exercising forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.
See: http://partnersinprayer.org.au/national-forgiveness-week/
Contact: Sue Tinworth Sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

Australian, South Pacific Regional & Global Online Prayer Networks

Australian Family Journey – connecting with South Pacific Region
with Jamie Pryor jamiepryor@unity.edu.au 

Australian House of Prayer for All Nations – hosting prayer and worship with South Pacific Region 
with Jenny Hagger https://www.ahopfan.com/

Watchmen for the Nations with David Damien etc https://watchmen.org/ 

International Prayer Connect with Jason Hubbard & John Robb 

The Global Watch with Fred & Sue Rowe  www.theglobalwatch.com

Houses of Prayer in Israel

Pray & Evangelism for Australia

Ongoing United National Prayer & Evangelism:

  • PIPES partners with Prayer Call via Zoom

Our national Prayer Call family meets online Mon-Sat via Zoom- in the early morning  and at other scheduled times. Occasionally we gather for periods of  evening worship or continuous day and night worship online – often linking with other nations.

Daylight Saving (AEDT) 
Qld, NT, WA remains the same, Other states go forward 1 hr.

Praying in Spirit/Tongues Mon-Fri
NSW, ACT, VIC 6.00 – 6.30am. QLD 5 -5.30am. SA 5.30 – 6.00am. NT 4.30 – 5am.

Prayer Call Mon-Sat mornings

NSW, ACT, VIC 6.30 – 8.30am. QLD 5.30 – 7.30. SA 6 – 8am. NT 5 – 7am. WA 3.30-5.30am

Sitting @Jesus Feet Tuesday afternoons. NSW, ACT, VIC 3 – 4.30pm. QLD 2 – 3.30pm. SA 2.30 – 4.00pm. NT 1.30 – 3pm. WA 12-1.30pm.


Prayer Call is an ongoing open community of watchmen who pray for Australia, Israel and other nations as God leads!  People from across Australia join in One Spirit to worship, pray and share what prophetic discernment and equipping. God’s presence in these prayer calls is usually palpable. We spend time praising God and let the Holy Spirit leads us in how to pray. When the group is larger, we spend some of the time in small breakout groups. Meeting via Zoom & Signal helps us connect as a community. It enables us to see each other, play worship music and share documents, use ‘chat’ to document Scriptures and send public and private messages to each other during the call. This enables us, as watchmen who watch God, to hear what God is saying through many and gives us a deep sense of His heart for our nation and His perspective of the times we are in. Prayer Call has served since September 2017.

To Join Prayer Call via Phone or Computer

1. Email 
Roslyn Curry at thecurrys6@optusnet.com.au so we have your email and mobile phone number. Tell us a bit about yourself – where you live etc. You will receive an email with phone numbers and a Zoom link so you can join Prayer Call by phone or from your computer. Please save these links to a place where you can easily access themRos will also connect you with the Prayer Call Signal group.

2. You can access Prayer Call from a phone number or ZOOM – within Australia or from other nations.

3. You can access Prayer Call from  a computer using ZOOM – a program that enables us to see each other and send CHAT messages to each other during the meeting and this helps us connect as a community.


Tips on how to use Zoom:

  1. In preparation for your first Prayer Call DOWNLOAD ZOOM. IT’S FREE.
  2. Enter the Prayer Call Zoom number sent to you by Roslyn Curry.
  3. Click on ‘Open Zoom Meeting’ and then on ‘Join audio-conference by computer.’
  4. Arrive early to practise using Zoom and to meet each other!
  5. During the Zoom Call:
    • Click the Mute Button to keep your microphone muted to reduce background noise – except when you are speaking or praying!
    • Click the Chat Button to send questions, share Scriptures or comments to a specific person or everyone. Save Chat at the end of the meeting.
    • Avoid the Share Screen Button which is just for demonstration purposes. It enables everyone to see what is on your computer screen.
  • Online Australian Prayer Communities on WhatsApp & Signal

These online groups enable us to be in prayer, discernment and support communities continuously 24/7. If you’d like to join the Pray4Vic or Australian Intercessors groups write to me and include your mobile number: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au


  • National Day of Prayer & Fasting 

with James Condon, Krystal Woodhead & team 

  • PIPES partners with Harvest

    Join the united Body of Christ this summer as we see a great harvest.
    Training & Prayer Gatherings Register: https://www.theharvest.org.au

  • Australia for Jesus! Bringing Others to Christ

Pray for the Lost – regular Zoom Gatherings
Tools for Evangelism
Local Outreach Teams

  • Jesus Awakening Australia! 

See what  God did and is doing. His sovereign move and continuing momentum on the Awakening Australia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/487791531609464/videos/348264065907159/

 Documentary – Awakening Australia: Australia for Jesus

 You have a vital part in awakening your region.
See www.yourawakening.org.au & Will you pray for your local area?

Prayer & Evangelism in Victoria and Melbourne


Ongoing Prayer for Victoria

PIPES hosts Pray4Victoria

Pray4Vic is a regular online prayer group is hosted by us and meets 2-4pm AEDT Mondays Via Zoom and face to face.

Pray4Vic Decrees for Victoria: You too can  decree by faith these Prophetic Declarations over Victoria: http://partnersinprayer.org.au/decrees-for-victoria-and-melbourne/

Representatives from all 79 municipalities gathered on 1 September 2020 to humbly repent and commemorate the revivals, crusades and social impacts of God, by His grace in the history of Victoria. We then waited on God for His promises to Victoria and we prepared 40 Decrees for Victoria, which we invite you to read aloud in faith. (Ezekial 12:24-25)

You can decree the settlements in a regular gathering or set a reminder to do this as a regular calendar event. http://partnersinprayer.org.au/decrees-for-victoria-and-melbourne/

Pray4Vic on Signal this group all participants can freely share prophetic revelations, strategy, reports and fresh invitations concerning Prayer for Victoria. And ask questions encourage each other and request prayer. Signal is an efficient, inclusive way for a community to stay connected. You will first need to download Signal onto your computer or mobile phone. Would you like to added to this group?

Other PIPES Prayer for Melbourne

See Map of Melbourne Prayer Groups at www.prayforthenations.com

Pray for Melbourne by using Melbourne’s 31 Day Local City Prayer Roster Enter the roster into your i-phone calendar and add a daily alert so you will be prompted to pray each day for one of Melbourne’s local cities.

Are you are called by God to lead or join ongoing pray with others for your region?

Let us know: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au
These papers may be helpful:

Pray in Regional Victoria

Ongoing United Prayer & Evangelism:

Houses of Prayer in Regional Victoria:

  • Tabernacle of David, Bendigo

When: Last Saturday of the month 1.00 pm – 5 pm
Where: High St Christian Church (opposite Safeway in Golden Square) 237 High Street, Golden Square, Bendigo VIC 3555 (map)
Description: www.tabernacleofdavid.org.au

Pray for your State & Territory

Prayer & Evangelism Contacts, Networks and House of Prayer in Other Australian States & Territories:




  • Convergence House of Prayer
    Meeting at Buderim Uniting Church Chapel Corner of King St & Gloucester Road Buderim.  Calling for the Body of Believers to pray for the ONENESS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST for the 1.Revival of the Church 2.Salvation of the Lost 3.Transformation of Communities, Cities and Nations.
    Contact: Roy Funu royfunu@gmail.com
  • House of Prayer in Wellington Point (Redlands, East Brisbane).
    A small group of us meet and pray for about 3 hours monthly while about 10 people pray for us. We do pray in between meetings by requests, emails, etc. We receive requests for prayer from quite a few overseas places as well as our local churches and areas. Contact: Jeanette Grant-Thomson jeanettegt@optusnet.com.au



  • Australian House of Prayer for All Nations.
    Website: https://ahopfan.org.au/
    Contact: 8370 1256. Email: prayaid@picknowl.com.au
  • Revival S.A. Citywide Gathering, Adelaide
    Website: https://www.revivalsa.org.au/
    When: First Saturday each month (except January) 10:00am – 12:30pm Where: Adelaide Christian Centre, 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. (map)
    Description: Come and join us as we enter into the presence of God. We welcome those who have a passion to see revival in all areas of society: church, family, marketplace education, media, arts and government. We believe it is the right season for us as the Body of Christ in Adelaide and South Australia to rise up in one accord and proclaim the Kingdom of God. School-aged children are welcome to attend with you as we believe they also carry the fire of God. These meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (except January) 10.00.am. – 12.30.pm Coordinated by Australian House of Prayer for All Nations. Venue: 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. Contact: 8370 1256. Email: prayaid@picknowl.com.au
  • Towards Unity
    Christian Events, Links, Campsites, Support Services in South Australia.
    http://www.towardsunity.com.au/events.php patricia@towardsunity.com.au



Let us know what God is doing in your area: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

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