What’s On? Ways to Connect in Prayer & Evangelism Across Australia

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This calendar lists united prayer & evangelism equipping, events & ongoing gatherings in time sequence under the following categories. Scroll down to see details.

  • Pray for the Nations
  • Pray for Australia
  • Pray for Victoria
  • Pray for your State & Territory: Prayer & Evangelism Contacts, Networks & Houses of Prayer in Other States & Territories.

Pray for the Nations

Watchmen for the Nations: Dwelling Place

Broadcast live through Facebook & Youtube.

17 September: The Trumpet Call 10-12pm AEST

24 September: Prepare a Dwelling Place 10-12pm AEST

1 October: The Emerging Ecclesia 10-12pm AEST

9 October: The Sound of Desire 10-12pm AEST



Rosh Ha Shanah  Feast of Trumpets 18-20 September 2020
Civil New Year 5781.

10 Days of Awe 18-28 September 2020

prayer for repentance and reconciliation leading up to Yom Kippur 28 October 2020

10 Days of Prayer 18-28 September 2020

10 Days 2020 is a Global Upper Room with two parts
Part One – 120 Cities Praying 24/7 in Unity from September 18-28, 2020
Part Two – 120,000 people committing to the consecration challenge who are willing to set apart 10 days to seek God with others and : 1. Take time off work Sept 18-28th, 2020 2. Devoting yourself to prayer in unity with others 3. Fasting from some type of food 4. Taking 10 Days off from social media and entertainment




The National Solemn Assembly in Australia 26 & 27 Sept (below) intentionally aligns with the Global Day of Prayer & Repentance: The Return 26 September 2020. 



The Return is a global day of prayer and repentance being held by many across the earth – based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

It is a date in alignment with the Hebrew calendar given by God – in the Ten Days of Awe leading up to the Day of Atonement: Yom Kippur. This call was released by Jonathan Cahn, American Messianic leader with the support of The Return group, and internationally through International Prayer Connect with John Robb and Jason Hubbard. At a meeting with John & Jason, Australian leaders decided to join in this global day of prayer. Bishop Philip Huggins & The National Council of Churches declared 26-27 as days of National Solemn Assembly for Australia

International Prayer & Repentance website: https://thereturn.org/international

Long International Promo Video: https://youtu.be/vYZ-YtAHlo8

USA National website for The Return: https://thereturn.org/

Recommend 30 second Video on 5 R’s: https://youtu.be/KK8INZH-eK4

Yom Kippur  Day of Atonement 27-28 September 2020


Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles 2-9 October 2020 


Ongoing International Prayer Invitations:

  • Pray for the Nations  is our other website. We invite you to unite to pray for your neighbourhood, region, nation and all nations. Register your prayer gatherings, find local Christians to stand with, and join local  prayer gatherings at www.PrayfortheNations.com


Pray for Australia


10 Days of Awe 18-28 September

Every night indigenous people will lead prayer over 10 Days of Awe.

Zoom prayer meetings start 8.00pm Sydney, 6PM Perth, 10.00pm NZ


Then join us on the same Zoom number 9AM – 9PM all day for the indigenous led National Solemn Assembly Saturday & Sunday 26-27 September. See Below

Most of Australia’s heads of churches will be joining us for this historic occasion.
See website for details. https:/www.nationaldayofprayer.org.au/solemn-assembly/

Movement Day 22nd-23rd September

9am-12:00 noon AEST Bringing leaders and cities together. https://www.movementday.com.au/



NATIONAL SOLEMN ASSEMBLY  26-27 September 2020


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

“Consecrate a fast; proclaim a solemn assembly! Gather the elders and all the residents of the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD.” Joel 1:14


Ps Peter Walker invites the people of Australia and other Indigenous Elders to join with us as we seek God’s face according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, and Joel 1:14, ‘for the healing of the land’.

See Video:

We are praying for ‘times of refreshing’ and the ‘healing of the land’ as the scripture says in Acts 3:19, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” The ‘times of refreshing’ from the presence of the Lord that Peter the Apostle is talking about is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is found in Acts 2:1-21 That is what Australia needs. We are praying that Australia will get a revelation of the love of God through Jesus Christ.

We thank Ps Peter Walker and other Indigenous Christian leaders and the  National Council of Churches Australia and the National Day of Prayer & Fasting and other groups who are helping to facilitate the National Solemn Assembly on behalf of all Australians.

We encourage you to pray together in your churches, in your homes and on the hills as we lift our nation up before God.

Join the National Solemn Assembly as you are able on Zoom between 9AM – 9PM any time on 26 & 27 September at meeting room number 776881184: https://zoom.us/j/776881184

Join Ten Nights of Prayer at 8pm (AEST) leading up to the National Solemn Assembly.
DATE: Nightly at 8pm (AEST) Friday 18th–25th September, and then all day Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September 2020
TIME: Nightly at 8pm Friday 18th–25th September, then 9am-9pm (AEST) each day
ZOOM URL LINKhttps://zoom.us/j/776881184
ZOOM MEETING ID: 776881184

On Yom Kippur, Monday 28th September Canberra Declaration will also hold a three-hour prayer celebration 6pm– 9pm. All are welcome to join us whenever and however they can over this extended period of prayer.


Shift the Nation:  3-10 October

Cheryl & Bruce Lindley will host an hour of worship and declaration at the Gates of different state or territory on each day to enthrone Jesus at the gates of our nation and stand against COVID:19. It is proposed that the day of prayer for Victoria will be Wed 7th More information will be shared when it is known.


Ongoing United National Prayer & Evangelism:

  • Prayer Call via Zoom

Morning, afternoon, and evening worship, listening to how God is leading us, prayer: See times:
Contact: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au


  • Australia for Jesus! Bringing Others to Christ

Pray for the Lost – regular Zoom Gatherings
Tools for Evangelism
Local Outreach Teams

 Documentary – Awakening Australia: Australia for Jesus

You have a vital part in awakening your region.
See www.yourawakening.org.au & Will you pray for your local area?

Prayer for Victoria and  Melbourne

Pray 4 Victoria

2-4pm AEST Mondays Via Zoom. Please contact sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

Shift the Nation:  3-10 October

Cheryl & Bruce Lindley will host an hour of worship and declaration at the Gates of different state or territory on each day to enthrone Jesus at the gates of our nation and stand against COVID:19. It is proposed that the day of prayer for Victoria will be Wed 7th More information will be shared when it is known.


Australia is experiencing an unprecedented time of distress, hardship and fear. It’s time for Christians to unite and pray. Pray for our nation, our leaders, our schools, our families, our children and our communities. We believe Jesus is the answer. Please join with us and a number of community leaders in a Facebook live-stream event on Thursday 8th October at 7.30pm-8.00pm. Join via Facebook (St Andrews Christian College) live-stream link or via Website.

Prayer meeting for Victoria during the lockdown on the 10th of October at 8:10pm. All of Australia is welcome.

Will you join us? Click here to register>>>

Details below 👇

The Harvest Team

LIVE Prayer Night On 10.10.2020 @
Prayer Starts at 8:10-10:10 pm

Pray For God’s Divine Strategy As We
See Victoria Open Up For Gatherings”

…To See A Revival While Respecting The Restrictions

All of Australia is welcome.

Disaster to Destiny Victoria: 11 AM Wed 14 October

Zoom Call hosted by Clarion Call. More information & registration: lukev@frankston.life


Ongoing Prayer for Victoria

 Pray4Vic Decrees for Victoria
Representatives from all 79 municipalities gathered on 1 September 2020 to humbly repent and commemorate the revivals, crusades and social impacts of God, by His grace in the history of Victoria. We then waited on God for His promises to Victoria and we prepared 40 Decrees for Victoria, which we invite you to read aloud in faith. (Ezekial 12:24-25) You can decree the settlements in a regular gathering or set a reminder to do this as a regular calendar event. http://partnersinprayer.org.au/decrees-for-victoria-and-melbourne/

Pray4Vic WhatsApp In this group all participants can freely share prophetic revelations, strategy, reports and fresh invitations concerning Prayer for Victoria. And ask questions encourage each other and request prayer. WhatsApp is an efficient, inclusive way for a community to stay connected. You will first need to download WhatsApp onto your computer or mobile phone. Would you like to added to this group?

See Map of Melbourne Prayer Groups at www.prayforthenations.com

Pray for Melbourne by using Melbourne’s 31 Day Local City Prayer Roster Enter the roster into your i-phone calendar and add a daily alert so you will be prompted to pray each day for one of Melbourne’s local cities.

Are you are called by God to lead or join ongoing pray with others for your region?

Let us know: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au
These papers may be helpful:


Houses of Prayer  – Sequenced by Day of Week:

  • Beth Tephillah: Time with God

    When: Wednesdays  7.30 pm
    Venue: Williamstown Baptist Church, 55 Park Crs, Williamstown North
    Contact: Pastors Malcolm & Diana Dow Ph/Fax: (03) 9397 2430
    Email: pastors@bethtephillah.com

  • CBD Pastor’s Prayer Fellowship

When: Fortnightly on a Thursday from 10am-noon.
Description: Open Regular Prayer Meetings in Melbourne – CBD
Venue: Cross Culture Church, Price Hall, 191 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Contact: Ps Victor Soo vsoo@reachcc.org 0412456500

  •  Inner Sanctuary Ministries

Interdenominational Worship Ministry
Visitation Night – Worship the Lord.
Last Saturday every month  7.30pm. Interdenominational worship meeting Where: Brighton Church of Christ, Cnr. Male & Wilson Streets, Brighton.
52 Male St Brighton (map)
Contact: Judy Macleod, innersanctuarymin@gmail.com 0407534 925

Pray in Regional Victoria

Ongoing United Prayer & Evangelism:

Houses of Prayer in Regional Victoria:

  • House of Prayer Daylesford
    Daylesford Community Church
    16a Camp St Dalesford Australia
    Contact: Glenn Rowbotham daylesfordcommunitychurch@hotmail.com 0408 033 48
  • Tabernacle of David, Bendigo

When: Last Saturday of the month 1.00 pm – 5 pm
Where: High St Christian Church (opposite Safeway in Golden Square) 237 High Street, Golden Square, Bendigo VIC 3555 (map)
Description: www.tabernacleofdavid.org.au

  • House of Prayer Inverloch
    Home group-based on  Ffald y Brenin. We meet most weeks for soaking, and often pray for and speak blessings over our neighbours, other contacts and community. We often share Communion and also pray for our own needs too. We also prayer walk the streets at times.
    Contact: Imants and Wilma Zegelis  0412 652 454 wilma@theziggies.com

Pray for your State & Territory

Prayer & Evangelism Contacts, Networks and House of Prayer in Other Australian States & Territories:






  • Convergence House of Prayer
    Meeting at Buderim Uniting Church Chapel Corner of King St & Gloucester Road Buderim.  Calling for the Body of Believers to pray for the ONENESS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST for the 1.Revival of the Church 2.Salvation of the Lost 3.Transformation of Communities, Cities and Nations.
    Contact: Roy Funu royfunu@gmail.com
  • House of Prayer in Wellington Point (Redlands, East Brisbane).
    A small group of us meet and pray for about 3 hours monthly while about 10 people pray for us. We do pray in between meetings by requests, emails, etc. We receive requests for prayer from quite a few overseas places as well as our local churches and areas. Contact: Jeanette Grant-Thomson jeanettegt@optusnet.com.au




  • See SA prayer groups listed at www.prayforthenations.com
  • Australian House of Prayer for All Nations.
    Website: https://ahopfan.org.au/
    Contact: 8370 1256. Email: prayaid@picknowl.com.au
  • Revival S.A. Citywide Gathering, Adelaide
    Website: https://www.revivalsa.org.au/
    When: First Saturday each month (except January) 10:00am – 12:30pm Where: Adelaide Christian Centre, 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. (map)
    Description: Come and join us as we enter into the presence of God. We welcome those who have a passion to see revival in all areas of society: church, family, marketplace education, media, arts and government. We believe it is the right season for us as the Body of Christ in Adelaide and South Australia to rise up in one accord and proclaim the Kingdom of God. School-aged children are welcome to attend with you as we believe they also carry the fire of God. These meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (except January) 10.00.am. – 12.30.pm Coordinated by Australian House of Prayer for All Nations. Venue: 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. Contact: 8370 1256. Email: prayaid@picknowl.com.au
  • Towards Unity
    Christian Events, Links, Campsites, Support Services in South Australia.
    http://www.towardsunity.com.au/events.php patricia@towardsunity.com.au





Let us know what God is doing in your area: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

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