The Sound of Mantles Merging

Katie Dunstan, NSW, Australia While in prayer recently, I suddenly sensed and could hear in the spirit a deep rumbling sound rising from the land. In a vision, I saw the layers of the earth break and shake. I heard in the spirit, “Can you hear the sound? Can you hear the rumbling sound roaring up from the deep layers … Continue reading


Bougainville is is the largest island in the Solomon Islands archipelago and the main island of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which is part of Papua New Guinea (PNG). In 1988, the Bougainville Crisis broke out over conflicts regarding the Panguna Mine which morphed into a continuing struggle for independence concluding in 1998 with the loss of around 20,000 lives. See: Former Bougainville … Continue reading


By Grace AlonReleased during Welcome the King of Glory in Jerusalem 11-13 October 2023 Based on Acts 17 v 26 and Romans 1 v 20 an understanding that God placed tribes and families in specific lands. Each land carries unique revelation of God’s invisible qualities whether it’s the awe and majesty of the Himalayas or the vastness of God experienced … Continue reading

Australia & New Zealand — Prophetic Vision & Word

November 3, 2023 Chris G. Bennett I see a pot boiling. Actually it’s more like a giant witch’s cauldron — a very large black, round pot on three stout legs, with a good log fire burning under it. There’s a bit of a stench coming from it. It appears to be unattended. I look around the pot which is in the … Continue reading

The Story of our Father’s Family Tree: told 3 ways.

by Sue Tinworth In October 2023 we’ve seen extraordinary events in Israel, Australia and the nations.It’s a crucial time to listen to your Father’s voice and say, pray and do only what your Father is saying. “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His. and He changes the times and the seasons; He removes … Continue reading

Messianic Believers Re-covenant at the Gathering of the Nations to Welcome the King of Glory

This is the extraordinary covenant statement signed by Messianic believers on the 11th October 2023 in Jerusalem during the war. Our Covenant Declaration with the God of Israel We stand here this day, the 11 th of October 2023, in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, the City where God has placed His Name forever. As representatives of the … Continue reading

Protected: Reports on the Solemn Assembly and Preparation to Welcome the King of Glory (WTKOG)

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From Uluru to Jerusalem. From Repentance to Covenant. Welcome the King of Glory 2023

by Debra Morris SEE BELOW: UPDATED YOUTUBE VIDEOS In March this year a group of Tribal elders and leaders recognised God is calling the Aboriginal people back to Himself. This is not a new thing and yet we knew it was time to return. We gathered at Tongala, in Victoria, and a call was released to bring Aboriginal reconciliation ministry … Continue reading

Indigenous Voices Arise out of the Land of Australia

Ps Danielle Dixon – 15 September 2020 During a Zoom meeting led by Indigenous Australian Apostle Peter Walker of National Solemn Assembly. The Lord quickened to me”It’s time, the time is right”. He later spoke to me about timing is everything in birthing, Australia is giving birth to prophetic Indigenous voices. The Father is causing new alignments, creating new platforms … Continue reading

First Nation Leaders repent of Ancestral Sin and Covenant the land of Australia to God.

Can you picture our country covenanted to God, living in the blessing of His Kingdom come – in His love, righteousness, peace and joy? There are two significant gatherings: 1. First Nation Leaders have heard God’s Call for First Nation People to gather in Solemn Assembly at Uluru in September 2023 over Yom Kippur. This time of deep and solemn repentance … Continue reading