Body of Christ: death by a thousand cuts

Jesus blood

We are cut, hurting and far from being One with God and each other as the body of Christ. I bow low to repent before God and you as my brothers and sisters for my sins that have hurt you and divided some of us. I confess the sins I know to confess, and the ones I am searching to … Continue reading

Will you pray with us for Victoria?

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Thank you for standing with us to see the victory of Jesus in Victoria.  We are so grateful to have so many praying with us rather than judging and condemning us. We have repented before God and other Australians for our sins and their consequences. What happens in Victoria has national effect. Please stand with us as One Church in Victoria and Australia as we implement … Continue reading

IN HIS PRESENCE WE BOW LOW: 24/7 Worship in July 2020


In worship we declare Yeshua Hamashiach, the One who is sovereign in our hearts, lives and nations! In continuous day and night worship we humbly bow before Jesus, our King of Kings, inviting the sovereign reign of His Kingdom on earth! The Lord declares, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 … Continue reading

Light in Darkness in Melbourne: Corona & Corruption


Please stand with us to see the victory of Jesus in Melbourne & Victoria & beyond.    We are all called to establish 24/7 worship in CBD Melbourne, and to be light in the darkness where ever we are: Join Brendan Nottle in 24/7 Prayer in Melbourne CBD. This vision of 24/7 Light in Darkness is for us all to be light in the darkness for our … Continue reading


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Join us anytime: from 7pm AEDT Friday 19th June to 2pm AEDT Monday 22nd June In this time of Global unrest we invite you to join us to Create a CANOPY of 24/7 GLOBAL WORSHIP from 7pm Friday to 2pm Monday – AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time, ie Sydney, Melbourne…) Why this weekend? There are many things that are converging … Continue reading

Praying for Community Transformation

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We have entered a critical era on earth. God is waiting for His people to arise. We believe the revelation in this teaching could change your life and the impact of your life in the age in which you have been born. See a reader’s feedback below.   FREE POWERPOINT TEACHING: Praying for Community Transformation. .pptx Praying as ONE and … Continue reading

Pentecost: Your Threshold to a New Era

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You are at a Threshold – in transition to a New Era The world you emerge into – will not be the place you left.   I am not speaking about the shift from social isolation.  This is not a time to be distracted, to get stuck or to rush ahead of God. This is a critical time to wait on alert, optimising our remaining time in isolation to go deeper with … Continue reading

True Watchmen

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This is a warning that God is highlighting to us from 2 Peter Chapters 1-3. Confusion arises when watchmen are like dogs – digging in the garbage of social media and yapping with fear fed by lies, conspiracy theory and malicious political agenda. During  social isolation and these days between Passover and Pentecost, God is  giving His watchmen opportunity to pause. God is calling us to listen in the … Continue reading


Lamb blood world

We recommend downloading a free ebook: Passover Book by David Demian & Ahser Intrater from WATCHMEN FOR THE NATIONS X REVIVE ISRAEL. More information at Prophetic word by Ps. Johnny Enlow  9th April 2020 Exodus 12:14 “So this day shall be to you a memorial…” Today, I was sent a headline, “Passover Eve: All of Israel to Fall Under Full Curfew For the First … Continue reading

Passover 2020: Behold the Lamb


UPDATE: We recommend downloading a free ebook: Passover Book by David Demian & Ahser Intrater from WATCHMEN FOR THE NATIONS X REVIVE ISRAEL. More information at ALSO SEE: 2020 Literal Pentecost & Breakthrough by Ps Tim Sheets UPDATE: 50 Day Divine Reset from Passover to Pentecost by James Goll  …………………………………………………………………………………… How are you? How are things at your place? Let’s pray for our families, governments, economies and medical … Continue reading