Local Neighbourhood Strategies

Your “local neighbours” include the people who work near you, the people who play near you, the people who learn and study near you and the people who shop near you.  It especially includes the people who live near you.

Local Houses of Prayer & Evangelism

We encourage every Christian to become a Local House of Prayer & Evangelism in his or her neighbourhood, workplace, school or university, using these simple strategies:

  • Begin by asking God to lead  you in how you can partner in regular prayer for  your local area.
  • Prayer-walk and speak blessing declarations throughout your neighbourhood or surroundings.
  • Introduce yourself to neighbours, co-workers and others as you go
  • Intentionally visit people at their homes.
  • Find other Christians who live or work or study near you, so you can meet to pray for your neighbours and colleagues and bless your local area together.
  • Speak natural, warm, hope-filled, encouraging words to your neighbours and colleagues.
  • Pray directly for your neighbours or colleagues expressed needs e.g. peace, healing, provision etc.
  • Meet any practical needs that you see in your neighbourhood, workplace, school or university through intentional acts of kindness e.g. serve people by doing their gardening or housework. If you see a need that is too big for you to meet, draw on the resources of the body of Christ to meet the need.
  • Make opportunities to share a meal with your neighbours or colleagues.
  • Be generous to your neighbours or colleagues – share your garden, market or baking produce.  Respond to needs they have expressed by blessing them in practical ways and by offering to pray for and/or with them.
  • Co-host block parties or street barbecues with Christians who live near you.

Have a look at:

Contact Sue Tinworth  sue@partnersinprayer.org.au for support in becoming local houses of prayer.


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