The Australia We Live to See

In 1901 this great nation, was born ‘humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God’.

We join with founding father Sir Henry Parkes’ dream, that

“the day will come when justice and fair play will triumph in this land: when great bodies of Christians, who now seem half asleep, will bestir themselves”.

(12th Draft 21/11/2011)

Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God we live to see the transformation of our nation:

We live to see marriage between a man and woman honoured by all as the foundation of our nation.

We live to see Australians living out the golden rule, loving their neighbour as themselves.

We live to see our women and girls honoured and encouraged; rather than objectified and exploited.

We live to see our boys grow into men of integrity who are strong, caring and protective.

We live to see our children smiling and playing safely in a moral society committed to their best interests.

We live to see our children flourish in a nation that protects a child’s right to a mother and a father.

We live to see respect for life, from conception to natural death, enshrined in law and public policy.

We live to see the vulnerable in our community – children, disabled and aged receiving special protection.

We live to see our Indigenous people honoured and appreciated for their contribution to this nation.

We live to see Australians delight in and care for God’s creation, both for this and future generations.

We live to see Australians work together to make poverty a thing of the past, both here and overseas.

We live to see a society where justice, fair play and the common good provides the foundation for the legal, governmental and social framework that protects every Australian. And that the same protection is afforded to the ageless institutions of marriage and family and the Judeo-Christian heritage and traditions that our nation has been built upon.

We live to see Australians receive an education that is built on Judeo-Christian values and develops character, skills and healthy motivations; with educators that pursue truth and good, respect for parental involvement and understand that discipline is a necessary part of learning.

We live to see our media, arts, sports and entertainment enterprises act responsibly and morally; presenting truth as truth and opinion as opinion, building, encouraging, and providing legitimate heroes for our children.

We live to see our churches, hospitals, educational institutions, charities, relief agencies and disability services, supported and unencumbered in the unique character of their sacrificial work.

We live to see parliamentarians and leaders; governing with wisdom, compassion, accountability, and the support of an electorate that values character and personal integrity above all else.

We live to see the commerce, health, science and technology sectors of Australia serve the common good; placing people before profit, healing before patents and long term national benefit before a quarterly return.

We live to see an Australia that has a strong economic foundation where people will be rewarded for hard work and initiative, where businesses can flourish and prosper to help create jobs for all and where workers will be treated with the fairness and dignity they deserve.

We live to see an Australia where the family, founded by the marriage of a man and a woman, will once again be protected, honoured and advantaged as the primary focus of the affairs of the nation; where our family relationships will be treasured; where mothers and fathers will be supported in the noble task of raising children; where we use our talents to build a better world as an enduring legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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