What’s On? Ways to Connect as Jesus’ House of Prayer in Australia

This calendar lists prayer gatherings in time sequence under these categories:

  • Pray for the Nations
  • Pray for Australia
  • Pray in Victoria
  • Pray in Melbourne
  • Key Prayer Contacts, Networks & Houses of Prayer in Other States & Territories.

Pray for the Nations

United Prayer Events:

N  A  T  I  O  N  S    B  L  E  S  S    I  S  R  A  E  L  29 April 2018

Nations Bless Israel 1 (002)

29  April  2018  is  a  call  for  unity

On  Sunday  29  April  we  will  be  joining  in  love  and  unity   to  release  an  offering  of  worship  –  and  to  bless  Israel.     Releasing  an  offering  of  worship:

  • Nations  Bless  Israel  will  be  a  service  of  worship,  giving  opportunity  for  many  churches,   organisations  and  members  of  the  body  of  Christ  to  come  together  to  praise  and  worship  –   because  He  is  worthy  of  it  all.
    Blessing  Israel  we  are:   o Responding  to  the  Gen  12:3  call  and  promise.
  • Recognising  the  special  covenant  God  made  with  Abraham  Isaac  and  Jacob
  • Expressing  gratitude  for  what  we  as  Christians  have  received  from  the  Jewish  Apostles  and  messengers  who  brought  the  good  news  to  the  Gentiles.  They came  bearing  witness,  paid  a  price  for  our  freedom,  many  were  martyred.     o Salvation  has  come  from  Jerusalem  and  Judea  out  to  the  ends  of  earth.  We  are  sending  worship  and  blessing  from  the  ends  of  the  earth  back  to  Israel.
  • We,  who’ve  been  grafted  in,  are  coming  into  agreement  for  the  fullness  of         God’s  plans  for  the  Jewish  root,  the  descendants  of  the  12  tribes,  to  come  to  pass.   o Taking  spiritual  authority  for  how  our  nations  align  themselves  to  Israel.     o Standing  as  kings  and  priests  for  our  nations.
  • Putting  all  things  in  God’s  hands  as  He  works  out  His  end-­‐time  purpose,  and  His   plans  for  nations.       Cancelling  curses,  releasing  blessing.   We  will  stand  in  the  gap  and  repent  for  curses  that  Christians  have  put  on  Jewish  people   and  decendants   of  the  12  Tribes  over  many  centuries;   curses  in  words,  actions  and   attitudes.   We  will  speak  blessing  naming  each  of  the  12  Tribes.   We  pray  that  as  we  repent  and  release  blessing   o God  will  break  generational  curses  off  the  bloodlines  of  descendants  of  the  12  Tribes.
  • The  Holy  Spirit  will  stir  and  move  upon  those  who  are  carrying  inheritance    of  the  tribes,   that  all  of  the  fullness  of  God’s  plan  and  purpose  would  come  to  pass.   There  people  throughout  the  world  have  a  lineage  and  link  with  the  tribes  of  Israel  and   Judah.    Although  many  may  not  know  much  about  their  inheritance,  as  we  pray  and  bless  –   God  will    set  free,  stir  and  restore.   Releasing  blessing  from  our  nation  and  for  our  nation.     In  standing  in  our  nation  releasing  blessing  –  we  are  also  standing  for  our  nation  to  receive   God’s  blessing.   Our  unity  commands  a  blessing.

Together  in  Christ  ­‐  Every  Blessing!

Jane  Troughton   Coordinator  Nations  Bless  Israel Video  of  what  took  place  2107 :   info@nationsblessisrael.com  nationsblessisrael.website   https://vimeo.com/.212511851

Hilary Moroney is coordinating Australia’s response. Contact Hilary via prayerworx@internode.on.net

  • Pray & Fast for America 30 April 2018 Day of Repentance – 4 May 2018 National Day of Prayer
  • Standing with Israel 14 May 2018

    In 70 A.D. the Roman Empire conquered Jerusalem, tore down the 2nd temple (Herod’s Temple) and the Jewish people were exiled to the Nations. Yahweh promised through the Prophets that one day a Jewish Remnant would return to their homeland.

    Nearly 1,900 years had passed since their exile, and it seemed absolutely impossible, but in May of 1948 Israel declared itself a sovereign nation. On May 14, 2018 Israel will celebrate its 70th Anniversary of being restored as a nation and back in their land of promise.

    Many believe this 70th anniversary is a prophetic plumb-line that brings clarity to what time it is in the earth. It’s what Acts 3:21 declares; “the time of the restoration of all things.”

Ongoing United Prayer:


Pray for Australia

United Prayer Events:

Equipped for Evangelism:

  • Two new SHIFTm2M Groups Starting Soon in Sydney & Melbourne
  • Steve Roggero and Bill Hodgson are starting a group in Melbourne (Mulgrave). This group will meet over four retreats and is commencing very soon, so now is the time to register and lock in this opportunity.

    Geoff Folland, Andy Yule, and Brendon Walker are facilitating a group in Sydney (probably in the Hills district). Their group will be meeting once a month over 10-11 months. This format proved popular last year and helps participants process and apply the SHIFTm2M content more consistently over time.

    Steve Roggero
    Bill Hodgson
    1. Tue 3rd to Wed 4th April 2018
    2. Mon 4th to Wed 6th June 2018
    3. Mon 10th to Tue 11th September 2018
    4. Mon 3rd to Tue 4th December 2018
    Geoff Folland
    Andy Yule
    Brendon Walker
    1. Mon 7th May 2018
    2. Mon 4th June 2018
    3. Mon 2nd July 2018
    4. Mon 6th August 2018
    5. Mon 10th September 2018
    6. Mon 15th October 2018
    7. Mon 5th November 2018
    8. Mon 3rd December 2018
    9. Mon 4th February 2019
    10. Mon 4th March 2019
    11. Possible extra gathering in April/May 2019
    Price $295 Registration
    Individual retreats are costed separately depending on venue, catering, etc.
    Info movementbuilders.com.au
    Facilitators Bill Hodgson (0412 590 998)
    Steve Roggero (0466 252 352)
    Geoff Folland (0432 250 802)
    Andy Yule (0421 110 712)
    Brendon Walker (0439 864 033)


    Register Now

Ongoing United Prayer:


Pray in Regional Victoria

United Prayer Events:

Victorian Gateway Prayer Tour March 1st to 31st Kathyrn & Peter Yaxley

We welcome your prayer partnership or even joining us at any of the following. Please contact us to get a copy of individual flyers for each community with more information or to request the declaration prayer: Email kingdompm1@gmail.com Ph: Peter 0440 222 455

Mildura – March 2nd & 3rd Friday 2nd Worship & Prayer 7pm-9pm Living Waters Christian Community 118/120 Orange Ave, Mildura Saturday 3rd Declarations 9am Garden of Hope, 158 Seventeenth St, Cabarita (Mildura) Going to bless the Community 11am – 2.30pm leaving Garden of Hope, returning for lunch at 1.00pm ($8) & report. Gathering 5 – 7pm Garden of Hope Lake House Encouraging God’s people through report, prayer and celebration. Followed shared meal. (Please bring a plate)

Bendigo – March 10th & 12th Saturday 10th Hearing God’s Whispers Workshop 9.45am-4pm High Street Church 237 High Street (cnr Thistle St and High St), Bendigo. Please bring your own lunch. RSVP to kingdompm1@gmail.com Monday 12th Declarations 10 – 11am Meet at base of Poppet Head, behind Art Gallery, off View St, Bendigo Going to bless the Community 11am – 1.15 leaving from above venue after prayers Gathering 1.15pm – 3.30pm High Street Church 237 High Street, Bendigo for lunch (BYO) to report, encourage, celebrate and pray

Shepparton – March 17th Declarations 9am Meeting at Victoria Park Lake near the shelter on the south-east side opposite Somer Ave, a bit north from Pizza Hut. If it’s raining meet at Shepparton Baptist Church at 9am. Going to bless the Community 11am-1.15 leaving from Victoria Park Lake to various places returning at 1.15 to Shepparton Baptist Church, 600 Wyndham St, for BYO lunch & reporting to finish by 2.30pm Gathering 7.00pm – 9.00pm Shepparton Baptist Church, 600 Wyndham St, Shepparton (entrance off cnr of Longstaff St) Encouraging God’s people through report, prayer and celebration.

Beechworth – March 23rd & 24th Friday 23rd Shared Meal & Fellowship 6pm Salvation Army Hall, 35-37 Ford St, Beechworth. Please bring a plate to share, followed by worship till 8.30pm. Saturday 24th Declarations 9.45am at The Rock, Gorge Rd, Beechworth Going to bless the Community 11am-1.15pm leaving from declaration site Gathering for lunch (provided) 1.15pm Salvation Army Hall. Lunch RSVP: Jill I’Anson 0448 002 142 or Pauline Middleton pauline.middleton@aus.salvationarmy.org Followed by report, prayer and celebration till 3.30pm approx.

Geelong – March 31st Declarations 9.30am Ceres Lookout Drewan Park, Cityview Drive, Wandana Heights Going to bless the Community 11am–1pm then lunch & fellowship 1pm-2.30pm at Bethel Church House 66 Autumn St, Geelong West or West Park, (weather permitting) cnr Pakington & Autumn Streets, Geelong West. Gathering for shared meal 6-7pm at Community Hub, corner Pakington & Autumn Streets, Geelong West (please bring a plate to share) followed by celebration, prayer & fellowship 7pm-9pm

For concerns about the weather in any location contact Peter Yaxley 0400 222 455

Ongoing United Prayer:

Houses of Prayer in Regional Victoria:

  • House of Prayer DaylesfordDaylesford Community Church 16a Camp St Dalesford Australia
    Contact: Glenn Rowbotham daylesfordcommunitychurch@hotmail.com 0408 033 48
  • Tabernacle of David, Bendigo

When: Last Saturday of the month 1.00 pm – 5 pm
Where: High St Christian Church (opposite Safeway in Golden Square) 237 High Street, Golden Square, Bendigo VIC 3555 (map)
Description: www.tabernacleofdavid.org.au

  • House of Prayer InverlochHome -based on  Ffald y Brenin. We meet most weeks for soaking, and often pray for and speak blessings over our neighbours, other contacts and community. We often share Communion and also pray for our own needs too. We also prayer walk the streets at times.
    Contact: Imants and Wilma Zegelis  0412 652 454 wilma@theziggies.com

Pray in Melbourne

See Regional Victorian Gatherings Above

United Citywide Prayer Events:

Please join us as we walk around the Melbourne Eruv, to pray for the Melbourne Jewish Community and for Israel. We are praying to see more Jewish people come to know their Messiah and Saviour Yeshua!

When: Saturday, 24 March at 1pm
Where: Beit HaMashiach, 206 Bambra Rd, Caulfield South VIC

We welcome you to attend our Beit HaMashiach Shabbat service prior to the walk, beginning at 10:30am

Note: event is free but it is essential to register online.


What is the Eruv?

The border around the Jewish community represents the Melbourne Eruv. An Eruv is a special boundary around a Jewish community which, in accordance to Jewish law, allows religious Jews who live within the Eruv to do certain things, like carrying objects or pushing baby strollers, that would otherwise be forbidden to do on the Sabbath. The Melbourne Eruv is the largest Jewish community in Australia and that is why we affectionately call it the “Holyland of Australia.”

Ongoing Citywide United Prayer:

  • PIPE’s Current Prayer Focus for Melbourne: Please pray for unity in Christ to be Melbourne’s spiritual foundations  – so God can build us as His one House of Prayer for all Peoples.
  • See Melbourne prayer groups at www.prayforthenations.com
  • Pray for Melbourne by using Melbourne’s 31 Day Local City Prayer Roster Enter the roster into your i-phone calendar and add a daily alert so you will be prompted to pray each day for one of Melbourne’s local cities.
  • National Day of Prayer & Fasting Melbourne Coordinator: Rabi Gunaratnam bizpower@bigpond.net.au

Melbourne Networks & Houses of Prayer  – Sequenced by Day of Week:

  • Melbourne House of Prayer at YWAM

When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights 7-9pm
Venue: Ywam Campus 1 Kent Rd Surrey hills (Big red brick building)
Enter from Middlesex Rd 🙂
Contact: Roxie Musgrave roxie7771@hotmail.com 0421749155
Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/ywamprayermelb/

  • Victorian Indigenous Prayer Network

When: 1st Wednesday of month, 7.30-8.30pm
Where: 17 Daniel St Burwood Vic 3125 (map) Anne Green
Description: Pray  with Indigenous Christian leaders – for them; their families and ministries
Contact: Anne Green agreen@plc.vic.edu.au 0437127366

  • Beth Tephillah: Time with God

    When: Wednesdays  7.30 pm
    Venue: Williamstown Baptist Church, 55 Park Crs, Williamstown North
    Contact: Pastors Malcolm & Diana Dow Ph/Fax: (03) 9397 2430
    Email: pastors@bethtephillah.com

  • CBD Pastor’s Prayer Fellowship

When: Fortnightly on a Thursday from 10am-noon.
Description: Open Regular Prayer Meetings in Melbourne – CBD
Venue: Cross Culture Church, Price Hall, 191 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Contact: Ps Victor Soo vsoo@reachcc.org 0412456500

  •  Inner Sanctuary Ministries: Interdenominational Worship Ministry
    Visitation Night – Worship the Lord.
    Last Saturday every month  7.30pm. Interdenominational worship meeting Where: Brighton Church of Christ, Cnr. Male & Wilson Streets, Brighton.
    52 Male St Brighton (map)
    Contact: Judy Macleod, innersanctuarymin@gmail.com 0407534 925
  • House of Prayer Eltham
    Eltham Baptist Church H.O.P.E. House of Prayer Eltham – meeting weekly based loosely on the Ffald-y-Brenin and the IHOP principles.  We focus on worship-based, Spirit-led prayer and blessing for our local community and beyond, while acknowledging we are very much learners in this area!
    Contact: Karen Roberts 0466114634 roberts@securenym.net






  • House of Prayer in Wellington Point (Redlands, East Brisbane).
    A small group of us me meet and pray for about 3 hours monthly while about 10 people pray for us. We do pray in between meetings by requests, emails, etc. We receive requests for prayer from quite a few overseas places as well as our local churches and areas. Contact: Jeanette Grant-Thomson jeanettegt@optusnet.com.au




  • Revival S.A. Citywide Gathering, Adelaide
    Website: https://www.revivalsa.org.au/
    When: First Saturday each month (except January) 10:00am – 12:30pm Where: Adelaide Christian Centre, 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. (map)
    Description: Come and join us as we enter into the presence of God. We welcome those who have a passion to see revival in all areas of society: church, family, marketplace education, media, arts and government. We believe it is the right season for us as the Body of Christ in Adelaide and South Australia to rise up in one accord and proclaim the Kingdom of God. School-aged children are welcome to attend with you as we believe they also carry the fire of God. These meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (except January) 10.00.am. – 12.30.pm Coordinated by Australian House of Prayer for All Nations. Venue: 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide. Contact: 8370 1256. Email: prayaid@picknowl.com.au
  • Towards Unity
    Christian Events, Links, Campsites, Support Services in South Australia.
    http://www.towardsunity.com.au/events.php patricia@towardsunity.com.au





Let us know what God is doing in your area: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

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