WALKING IN THE NEW ERA OF GOD’S GLORY – as our Father’s family and ecclesia

God has sovereignly moved upon the earth and this is gloriously evident across Australia and amongst us locally. We invite you to enter God’s abundant life. (Isaiah 55 TPT) This paper gives a taste of what we are hearing and walking in. Feast on the additional links if you are hungry to walk in God’s Glory. PLEASE HEAR GOD SPEAKING THROUGH THESE PROPHETS: Dutch Sheets: Fullness … Continue reading

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How to Protect the Glory of Oneness in a Corporate Prayer Setting

By Karen Wilson, 2019 A number of years ago, Tim and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Herrnhut in Germany. We travelled via Prague where we were unexpectedly given the chance to attend a concert at the Rudolfinum. As we sat in the beautiful concert hall, 6 violinists played- all with instruments of different sizes and tones and … Continue reading

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PIPES: Overflowing Blessing to our Neighbours, Regions and Nations

  We are all pipes – designed to carry the sound of our Father’s voice, His light, His living water to your neighbourhood. But it’s never about the pipes. It is all about the fullness of Christ in us being released to our world. A Vision for Blessed Communities If we see and do what our Father is doing – our … Continue reading

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Every Church in Every Nation a House of Prayer

by Jason Hubbard When Jesus came into the temple, he drove out the money changers and declared, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”? But you have made it a den of robbers.'” It is clear that Jesus’ declared intention that “His house” (today the assembled church and our physical bodies … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Church – inviting you to support evangelists

20th March 2019 Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing to you as a partner in prayer & evangelism who is seeking Jesus’ kingdom harvest & transformation in Australia. Please pray that the provision of God for evangelism will be unlocked and flow from the church into the harvest field. Many advocate that tithes and offerings are to be gathered into the … Continue reading