Summer Honeymoon

Fresh Revelations on How God’s Covenant People Can Prepare Across Summer for God’s Purpose in Our Land in 2021

Across 5 gatherings and 5 days this week, the Holy Spirit has brought together a sequence of revelations that neatly connect what God revealed six months ago; and what we can do now to prepare us for what God will do in 2021. The journey began with revelations about Victoria – and culminates in a Word for our region. In summary: … Continue reading

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Whose kingdom do you live in day by day?

We say we are born again, because we have received Jesus as Lord, but are you living in the kingdom of God day by day?  Have you been spiritually reborn? Will you seek first God’s kingdom, and to see and hear in the spiritual realm, so you can be led by the Spirit of God on earth? Are you looking into your Father’s … Continue reading


Decree with us God’s Promises for Victoria

This is a time, globally, when our Father seeks the people, called by His name, who will humble themselves and pray and seek His face, so He can heal our land. We present this as evidence that our Lord, by His grace, has heard our prayers. These decrees arose from a gathering of 70 people representing the 79 municipalities of … Continue reading



Jesus has called us to love our neighbours, to be His ecclesia – those two or three locals in agreement – through whom He is present as our Comforter, Lord & King – releasing His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, locally in our neighbourhoods and globally. Mark 12, Luke 10, Matthew 18, Romans 14:7 This is a … Continue reading

One Thing

One Thing We Can Do

25 December 2020 Bill Johnson preached on an anointing available to the watchmen. It’s All About The One Thing! This is a call to focus on Jesus, so nothing can distract or divert us from living to represent Him and glorify Him. When our eyes are single in focus, our bodies are full of light and our world will see … Continue reading