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Victory in the Spirit of Elijah

How do we see God’s victory over the curses on our families and land? Forgiveness enables us to rise together in the power of multigenerational agreement with the will of God.   Our God is a Good Father Our Creator God is, at heart, a good father who desires life abundant and eternal for all. [Matthew 5:44-48, 7:7-11, 18:14, 23:9, 25:34, … Continue reading

Forgiveness (1)


FORGIVENESS STORIES MELT HEARTS Do you have an interesting story about forgiveness? Did you forgive someone? Did someone forgive you? Did you forgive yourself? Were aggrieved people reconciled? We’d love to help you share your forgiveness story. These stories will be shared by people everywhere. If your story is about God’s forgiveness keep this part simple and invitational. Here’s how to … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination

Dr David Tinworth & Sue Tinworth, March, 1, 2021 We are constantly being asked about Covid-19 vaccination, by people who are confused by misinformation. In this paper we respond to some common questions in the light of relevant medical information and simple ethical principles – hoping to promote clarity, freedom, constructive discussions, and mutual respect in a world fragile with … Continue reading



See our What’s On Calendar for Global, National & Victorian Prayer  Subscribe to receive updates. Pray for Victoria Pray4Vic is a regular online prayer group is hosted by us and meets 2-4pm Mondays and communicates 24/7 via Signal. Contact sue@partnersinprayer.org.au for Zoom number. You too can  decree by faith these Prophetic Decrees over Victoria: http://partnersinprayer.org.au/decrees-for-victoria-and-melbourne/ Declarations over Victoria: http://partnersinprayer.org.au/pray-for-victoria-declarations-during-coronavirus/ See The Big Picture: how you can pray for … Continue reading

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In 2020-21 we have entered a critical era on earth. God is waiting for His people to arise and overflow His love to our world. Will our world know God’s love in our era? FREE POWERPOINT TEACHING LOVE COVENANT 4 Sections: Love Covenant: Sections 1-4.pptx Section 1. What the world needs now is love… Love Covenant: Section 1.pptx  Click on the link and allow time … Continue reading