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If you do not know David Demian as a brother and you have not yet heard his vital word for our times: please make these 16 minutes a priority: Also recommending Part 1: Part 3: Part 4:

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National Forgiveness Week

SUMMARY National Forgiveness Week (NFW) is a movement of conviction by the Holy Spirit that brings people, leaders, people groups and nations to their knees, seeking God’s forgiveness and offering forgiveness to others. In several nations it has culminated in annual nationwide events where the need for forgiveness is focused upon. NFW is to be funded by government and organised … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination

Dr David Tinworth & Sue Tinworth, March, 1, 2021 We are constantly being asked about Covid-19 vaccination, by people who are confused by misinformation. In this paper we respond to some common questions in the light of relevant medical information and simple ethical principles – hoping to promote clarity, freedom, constructive discussions, and mutual respect in a world fragile with … Continue reading

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In 2020-21 we have entered a critical era on earth. God is waiting for His people to arise and overflow His love to our world. Will our world know God’s love in our era? FREE POWERPOINT TEACHING THE LOVE REVIVAL 4 Sections: The Love Revival Sections 1-4.pptx Section 1. What the world needs now is love… The Love Revival Section 1.pptx  Click … Continue reading

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What’s Your Part in God’s Surprising Strategy: Regional 247 Worship & Prayer?

This paper has been updated May 2021. We invite you to examine 3 Questions: What is your part in the strategy God is revealing so we can withstand the global impact of this pandemic and control exerted by the Chinese government?  Who will be worshipped in our region? Watchmen across our region of Australia, New Zealand and the nations of the … Continue reading