The Moravian Revivial

The 40 Days Prayer & Worship Relay 1 March- 9 April has incredible precendents… The Rev. John Greenfield, an American Moravian evangelist, published his book “Power On High” in 1927 on the 200th anniversary of the Moravian revival. The information in this article is from that book, now out of print. The Moravians, a refugee colony from Bohemia, settled on … Continue reading


Prophecy Australia & New Zealand Dec 2016

    Chris Bennett, UK 16 Dec 2016 I first had a vision of a pod of very large whales approaching New Zealand and surrounding both islands with the Gospel from revival hot-spots around the world. By surrounding the country, the Gospel was trapped and couldn’t escape. I heard about an old prophecy telling of revival hitting NZ like a … Continue reading


Pray for Australia – 40 Day Relay from 1 March

Thanks to all of you who have been part of the 40 Days of Prayer in recent years. We are getting very close to the 40 Days 2017! Instead of prayer & fasting this will be  a 40 Days Prayer & Worship Relay. Your prayer will contribute to continuous 24/7 worship and prayer for Australia from 1 March – 9 April 2017! You … Continue reading


Two Simple Powerful Local Prayer Strategies

Partner in prayer and overflow blessing to your neighbours, regions and nations. In this video Sue Tinworth releases a taste of God’s blessing and introduces Two Prayer Strategies. See accompanying Powerpoint notes. Strategy 1: Neighbourhood Prayer Watch This one is for everyone – starting today! Jesus has sent us each as His disciples, His foot soldiers, to establish His Kingdom reign in our neighbourhoods. (Luke 10:1-38) Let’s be … Continue reading

Jason HUbbard

Reports from National Prayer Breakthrough Tour

We went to all states – to support local leaders who are building prayer collaboration across the church in their town, city or region across Australia between 26 Nov- 7 Dec 2016! Hear Dr Jason Hubbard speaking at Prayer Breakfast for Pastors & Leaders in Melbourne. Get a revelation on the measureable outcomes from 24/7 prayer over a region. See how your local church can … Continue reading