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These are some of our regular online prayer gatherings:

Pray for Victoria: P4V: Light in Darkness

In 2024 we hear Holy Spirit inviting us to host face to face gatherings! We will maintain a monthly Zoom and host group gatherings on Wednesdays from 11:00am-1.00pm in Regions of Melbourne and across Victoria.

We are very grateful for those from all 79 Victorian municipalities who have stood with us before God! We now warmly welcome you to join regional gatherings and online each month. We will invite hosts to gather locals to pray for Vic in country regions of Victoria, in partnership with us.

We continue to gratefully welcome partners from other parts of Australia to join our Zoom meetings. This includes those who pray with us for Vic and those who we can support as they stand for their regions in other states.

Dates for your Zoom Calendar:

Wed 31st Jan 11.00-1.00 Zoom – Welcoming people from municipalities across Vic & Australia.

Wed 28 Feb 11.00-1.00 Zoom Welcoming people from municipalities across Vic & Australia.

Wed 27 March 11.00-1.00 Zoom Welcoming people from municipalities across Vic & Australia.

Wed 24 April 11.00-1.00 Zoom Welcoming people from municipalities across Vic & Australia.

Contact   to arrange to meet or for our Zoom number.
P4V is supported by PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism.

You too can decree by faith these Prophetic Decrees and Declarations over Victoria:

See The Big Picture: how you can pray for Victoria

Prayer for National Forgiveness Week

A national group meets online Thursdays 4pm AEST/AEDT to pray in support of National Forgiveness Week in Australia and South Pacific nations. More information at  
NFW is supported by PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism.

Our National Prayer Call Family Meets Online Mon-Sat

Prayer Call is on line – via Zoom- in the early mornings  Mondays – Saturdays (not usually Sundays) and at other scheduled times. The Zoom Room is frequently open for spontaneous times of worship and seasons of night and day worship.  We notify via Signal Groups when the Room is open.

Praying in the Spirit/Tongues Mon-Sat [6.00-6.30am-7.00am AEST/AEDT]
NSW, ACT, VIC 6.00am – 6.30am. QLD 5 -5.30am. SA 5.30 – 6.00am. NT 4.30 – 5am.

Prayer Call Mon-Sat mornings and other times [6.30am-8.30am AEST/AEDT ]
NSW, ACT, VIC 6.30am – 8.30am. QLD 5.30 – 7.30. SA 6 – 8am. NT 5 – 7am. WA 3.30-5.30am


Prayer Call is an ongoing open community of worshipping watchmen who pray for Australia, Israel and other nations as God leads!  People from across Australia join in One Spirit to worship, pray and share what prophetic discernment and equipping. God’s presence in these prayer calls is usually palpable. We spend time praising God and let the Holy Spirit leads us in how to pray. When the group is larger, we spend some of the time in small breakout groups. Meeting via Zoom & WhatsApp helps us connect as a community. It enables us to see each other, play worship music and share documents, use ‘chat’ to document Scriptures and send public and private messages to each other during the call. This enables us, as watchmen who watch God, to hear what God is saying through many and gives us a deep sense of His heart for our nation and His perspective of the times we are in. Prayer Call has served since September 2017.

To Join Prayer Call via Phone or Computer

1. Email 
Roslyn Curry at so we have your email and mobile phone number. Tell us a bit about yourself – where you live etc. You will receive an email with phone numbers and a Zoom link so you can join Prayer Call by phone or from your computer. Please save these links to a place where you can easily access themRos will connect regular attendees with the Prayer Call Signal Group.

2. You can access Prayer Call from a phone number or ZOOM – within Australia or from other nations.

3. You can access Prayer Call from  a computer using ZOOM – a program that enables us to see each other and send CHAT messages to each other during the meeting and this helps us connect as a community.


Tips on how to use Zoom:

  1. In preparation for your first Prayer Call DOWNLOAD ZOOM. IT’S FREE.
  2. Enter the Prayer Call Zoom number sent to you by Roslyn Curry.
  3. Click on ‘Open Zoom Meeting’ and then on ‘Join audio-conference by computer.’
  4. Arrive early to practise using Zoom and to meet each other!
  5. During the Zoom Call:
    • Click the Mute Button to keep your microphone muted to reduce background noise – except when you are speaking or praying!
    • Click the Chat Button to send questions, share Scriptures or comments to a specific person or everyone. Save Chat at the end of the meeting.
    • Avoid the Share Screen Button which is just for demonstration purposes. It enables everyone to see what is on your computer screen.

We connect with Victorian, Australian, South Pacific Regional & Global Online Prayer Networks

See our What’s On Calendar 

See these websites to register.

We stand with God’s purposes fulfilled through Israel

  • Tarry for Israel was recently birthed in a season of intense prayer for Israel. Beginning in May 2023, millions across the Earth were praying and fasting for Israel and for God’s end time purposes to be fulfilled on the Earth. Many were taking up their assignment to be watchmen set on the walls of Jerusalem, crying out day and night until God ‘establishes Jerusalem and makes her a praise in the Earth’ (Isaiah 62:7).

    In the subsequent months I felt a continued burden to pray for Israel and dedicated many of my sets in the Taree House of Prayer to this assignment. It was during one of these times that I saw a vision in my mind’s eye of Jesus, on His knees rocking back and forth in deep intercession for His people. I could not see His face but I could tell He was weeping. For a while I just looked at this scene, overcome with emotion at the sight, without any word from the Lord. After a time, I felt the Lord ask me a simple question “Will you give Your strength to this?”. It was in this season that the seed of Tarry for Israel was planted.

    I have been blessed for many years to be part of a praying community in my home church of Manning Valley Covenant Ministries in Taree, NSW. For many years we have supported and prayed for Israel in accordance with scriptures like Psalm 122:6 and many others. And in many ways, Tarry for Israel is a natural offshoot of this upbringing.

    The vision is simple: A national coordinated Moravian style prayer watch in Australia dedicated to being watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. That there would be a remnant of people in Australia who would represent our nation in the heavenlies to love what He loves. That our nation, by the grace of God, would be a sheep nation (Matthew 25) and that when we stand before Jesus as He judges the nations based on how they treated Israel (Joel 3), that we would not be found lacking men and women who stood in the breach.

    So practically, we are looking to establish a prayer watch based on personal one-hour prayer times, with the ultimate goal to be covering as many hours of the day as the Lord would orchestrate. The beginning phase will be to build it up slowly and sustainably, depending on the amount of people who are desiring to participate. The first set time we are establishing is a daily morning watch from 6am-7am AEDST. We are thinking that the next stage would be a daily evening watch.

    Part of Tarry for Israel is also partnering with ministries across Australia who are already praying for Israel regularly. The hope is that many ministries across Australia will join together to fill our nation with faithful intercession over God’s chosen people and land.

    If you would like to be a part of Tarry for Israel, or would like to get in contact to find out more information, send an email to We would also appreciate prayer for what we are undertaking, that the Lord would be honoured and glorified through His plans and purposes being fulfilled in the Earth.

    Will & Ash Mander from Taree

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