Anzac Call

WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT from Ps Warren Lyon Call To Prayer Ministries International

First in the natural and then the spiritual -the Holy One of Israel is whistling to the ends of the earth,”ARISE” MY ANZAC ARMY” with your “FLAMING SWORDS”.

As my Word is the sword of the Spirit; PUT ON the whole armor of God and in the day of evil STAND.

As my Word is likened unto FIRE and a HAMMER that breaks the rock in pieces; you have endured much hardship in the many conflicts you have faced and  faithfully stood for my Kingdom. This has been your training ground  to give you the strength and endurance with knowledge and understanding  of the spiritual battles that lay before you prior to the day of my return.

I AM the FAITHFUL and TRUE witness and my Name is the “WORD OF GOD”.FIRE goes before me to destroy all my enemies.

MOUNT UP and ride with ME with the FLAMING SWORD of my WORD that I place in your hands. This is the sword drawn from its sheath for battle. I will give you VICTORY; for I Am with you in every situation that you now confront in my name; those battles against the strong man; the enemies of my WORD.

From my mouth the WORD shall go forth; a fiery word in power released upon the earth; you are my voice; so speak; proclaim my WORD; breath out my WORD; my “Word of FIRE” making true proclamations that will release the angelic hosts from heaven; those fiery angels of my presence ready for battle; blow the trumpets; sound the alarm; call up the ANZAC warriors; be ready and prepared; dressed for battle; receive a fresh and new anointing of my Spirit for this time and season  with “tongues of fire”;  as the FIRE of my Word will be released as you follow me and proclaim in truth my victory.

“Fear Not” in the day of evil -STAND-  for my everlasting covenant of grace and truth remains with  you and my people Israel; be strong and of good courage; be of good confidence, for I AM with you.

Go and possess that which I have given to you to possess,  for the extension of My Father’s Kingdom. Rejoice with exceeding joy as you ride with me in my army of victory, the victory  that I have given to you in My Name.

My Father and I are One. I Am the God of FIRE and I baptize you in my Spirit and with FIRE to be my witnesses and carriers of my WORD OF FIRE  to go forth to conquer in the battle of my victory releasing my love and salvation; deliverance and healing to the captives with the FIRE of my Word to all those that would believe on My Name; for as the Father sent me also I send you.  Hallelujah!

Jeremiah 5:14 Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: Because you [the people] have spoken this word, behold, I will make My words fire in your mouth [Jeremiah] and this people wood, and it will devour them.

Jeremiah 23:29 Is not My word like fire [that consumes all that cannot endure the test]? says the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks in pieces the rock [of most stubborn resistance]?

Please note the Spiritual ANZAC army encompasses and calls other Nations to join with God’s call. The natural ANZAC army was made up of a number of Nations including the ZION Mule Train that was part of the natural international ANZAC army. As a Spiritual army at the ends of the earth [Eph 6] a call is going out to the nations to join with us at the ends of the earth for the battle is the LORDS as we follow the rider on the white horse KING YESHUA.

Please feel free to Contact Kris Schlyder Australia [ ] or Ps Warren Lyons (New Zealand) [] for more information on the Anzac Spiritual Army called by the LORD.

We welcome; Hare mai nau mai hare mai to the Chinese Christians that have heard from the LORD to join the ANZAC spiritual army.

In the Service of KING JESUS

Call To Prayer Ministries International

Ps Warren Lyons









  1. Liv says:


    he is gracious to hear the call of his army to his heart

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