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Pray for Victoria: Declarations

These declarations have been summarised from the co-discernment and prayer of a large cohesive group of Australians who united from mid June 2020 to pray for Victoria. We asked God to expose and heal the evil roots in Victoria. (Daniel 2: 20-23) And to give us His strategy for the battle. We share these declarations  as our identificational repentance, so you can pray … Continue reading

Bill Johnson ‘FIGHTING ON OUR KNEES’  5th July 2020

We invite you to hear the call of God to us each as His ekklesia, through whom God’s heart and the history of who G od has been to His people will bring healing to our land and nations.


by Ps Barbara Miller 27-28.7.20 Tabernacle of David, Cairns In answer to a question from an intercessor of how to stop a Black Lives Matter march in Sydney, I gave an unusual answer. My answer was to use a strategy from the Lord around Balaam’s donkey. To start with, there are genuine grievances and pain and a genuine call for justice … Continue reading

Cindy Jacobs Prophecy for Australia, 25 July 2020

There are written and video versions available here.   The Lord says the enemy will try to come in like a flood from other nations but I say I will raise up a standard. The Lord says I am going to give greater alliances with Australia and even New Zealand in the coming days with the United States to protect … Continue reading

A Prayer for Australia

AUSTRALIA MY COUNTRY Prayer for Australia Father, You are God which has made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all that is in them . You divided to the nations their inheritance and you divided all mankind and set up boundaries for the peoples. To this land which you care for; a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges and … Continue reading

Pray for Victoria: Revelation, Roots & Repentance

A Report on Prayer for Victoria in July: Sunday 12 July 2020 Mature intercessors from across Victorian and Australia have joined us to ask the Lord to expose the roots sins we need to repent from. This led to key prophetic dreams and visions and then the identification of core sins in Victoria’s history – reasons for broken foundations that are … Continue reading


A BLESSING FOR VICTORIA Victorians, listen with your spirit to the Word of God for you. In Jesus’ name, I bless Victoria to be one in Godly alignment with Christ as Lord. I bless you to be built on a ‘sure foundation.’ Isaiah 28:16 I bless Victoria, as a member State to take your godly and rightful place in the Commonwealth … Continue reading

Spiritual Mapping of Melbourne Susan Pierotti

by Susan Pierotti @1997, rev. 2013, 2016 Maps can reveal many things about a place. For instance a weather may can chart rainfall and pressure systems to indicate future weather patterns. A topographical map can show watercourses and hills that allow better urban planning. A spiritual map uses historical events to indicate the sins against God in a city. We can … Continue reading

A Letter from Victoria, in her time of Crisis

A Letter from Victoria in our Time of Crisis Updated 24 July 2020 We are thankful for the thoughts and prayers of many around the nation for Victoria at this time. While this letter is not from every single Victorian, we write to give many the opportunity to express the true cry of their hearts. We acknowledge, and send our blessings and … Continue reading


We are compelled by our love for God to love our neighbours the way He loves them. A Worship Army is Rising God has given Karen Wilson a vision that calls us to arise. This video, filmed to introduce the strategy to Stairway Church Whitehorse, is relevant to us all. We see a move of God spilling His family onto our … Continue reading