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In His Sweet Spot

We are in the best place when we are in the perfect will and righteousness of our Father; when we know our self as his child on his assignment in our God given sphere of influence. This is a place of rest and fruitfulness. Much of our time we are outside God’s sweet spot where we experience the downward spirals of … Continue reading

Positioned to Bless

Positioned to Bless by Faisal Malick Book Review by Richard R Blake   Finding and Fulfilling Your God Given Assignment “Positioned to Bless” is a prophetic message addressed to both the corporate body of the church and the individual believer. Faisal Malick draws lessons from the lives of Abraham and David, and from the writings of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Amos … Continue reading

PIPES eNewsletter 13 June 2013: Jesus says, I Send You!

In this issue: Jesus says, I send you! Luke 10:1-3  Be part of something awesome: What we see locally, nationally and globally! Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call  to 40 Days (6 Aug-14 Sept) and International Day of Prayer, Repentance  & Fasting (14 Sept 2013) 40 Days of Prayer for Federal Election. (5 Aug-13 Sept) Jesus says, I SEND YOU.  Jesus has given us his strategies … Continue reading

Power of Prayer and Blessing Impacts New Age Seekers in Melbourne.

At the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne –  6-9 June 2013 – many passionate New Age seekers found Jesus’ salvation, healing and blessing! Interstate disciples coming to minister at the festival commented on the strong tangible sense of prayer cover and unity this year as they entered Melbourne! An anonymous local reported, ‘There was an ease and weighty sense of the Father’s … Continue reading

What is Melbourne’s redemptive calling?

 We’d love to hear from you….  Karen Wilson – prayer coordinator from Stair Church Whitehorse said:  A few years ago, a group of prayers from Stairway went by train into the city to do a prayer walk. We also went up onto the mountain. At the end of the day, the team went up the Eureka Tower to look out … Continue reading


God has highlighted to us the strategic sequential steps by which Nehemiah led God’s people to rebuild their city wall and gates. 1. Keep our eyes fixed on observing what God is doing so we move with Him. We must not move ahead of him or move too slowly. Jesus did what he saw His Father doing and said what he … Continue reading

24 hours Blessing the Dandenongs

1-2 March 2013 People representing more than 8 local churches and others who came from Outer Eastern Melbourne – came to Olinda for 24 hours blessings the Dandenongs with worship, prayer, declaration and engagement with local people in words and acts of blessing. We found that many of the local congregations are very small and mainly elderly and vulnerable to … Continue reading

Partners in Prayer & Evangelism: Pray Ekballo!

By Lou Engels  A Prayer Revolution at the End of the Age 1. The Eternal Plan “To hasten the return of our Lord by following His program for this age which is, “ To preach the gospel in all the world for a witness to all nations (ethnic groups, families, tribes).” Every tribe and tongue must be represented around the … Continue reading


Please hear this in the context of Isaiah 58:    My People, My Living Body – Listen to Me. Many of my people are gathered in churches but many more are scattered in small groups or alone and belonging nowhere; So many have lost their way or stay, feeling confused and trapped.  Because of so much disappointment and powerlessness, you my … Continue reading