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Can We Help You Be Jesus’ House of Prayer?

Jesus said, My House will be a House of Prayer!  These are some thoughts forming about what Jesus’ House is like. I’d welcome your discernment too. 1. It is only Jesus’ House if Jesus lives there. The House of Prayer is not a building – it’s a gathering of people with Christ in their midst. “For where two or three are gathered in My name, … Continue reading

Becoming Jesus’ House of Prayer: Keys from Kirk Bennett

Includes insights from the 2015 Delight Tour by Kirk & Dee Bennett & IHOP/7 Thunders Team, Kansas City and some next steps…  Lord, open our ears, eyes and hearts -and teach us how to be your House of Prayer. Three Forms of Prayer for All of Us These develop sequentially – following the pattern laid down in the Tabernacle. 1. Petitioning Prayer … Continue reading

2015 Prophetic Word by Dutch Sheets

2015 Prophetic Word by Dutch Sheets We are crossing over into the fullness of a new season but we are moving into the fullness of it.   There will be more transition in 2015 than we have seen in our lifetimes…..  At that place where the first known revival took place that our prayers have tapped into the root of awakening … Continue reading

Celebrate Easter Melbourne

Celebrate Easter Melbourne  3-4pm Good Friday 3 April At King’d Domain (Tom’s Block) St Kilda Road between Government House Drive and Southbank Boulevard. This is a combined churches event to celebrate the work of the cross. It is  aimed at Christians to invite their non Christian friends to experience church. Come from 3 to 4 pm on Friday 3rd of April to … Continue reading


March 25, 2015  Lana Vawser The other day we were driving into Brisbane City and Kevin and I were just chatting about life in the car. We then entered onto the Pacific Highway Bridge that goes through Brisbane city. As soon as we got onto this bridge I almost gasped as I felt a tremendous shift in the atmosphere. I felt … Continue reading


SPEECH FROM THE YOUR KINGDOM COME, CANBERRA 080808 BANQUET As a father of the nation, I want to bless the natural sons and daughters of Abraham – the Jews and Arabs and the spiritual sons and daughters of Abraham who have given their hearts to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His son Jesus Christ (Gal 3:29). It is … Continue reading

40 Days of Delight TBN Pacific TV Series

See Six Episodes Here and on TBN Pacific  – 4pm Sundays: Film from the National Day of Prayer & Fasting (15 February 2015) and related interviews during the 40 Days of Delight (18 February – 29 March 2015.) Here’s Episode 1 of 40 Days of Delight​ from TBN Pacific. Here’s Episode 2 of 40 Days of Delight​ from TBN Pacific. Here’s Episode 3 of 40 … Continue reading


WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT from Ps Warren Lyon Call To Prayer Ministries International First in the natural and then the spiritual -the Holy One of Israel is whistling to the ends of the earth,”ARISE” MY ANZAC ARMY” with your “FLAMING SWORDS”. As my Word is the sword of the Spirit; PUT ON the whole armor of God and in the day of … Continue reading

Report on National Repentance for Child Abuse at National Day of Prayer & Fasting.

  Archbishop kisses the feet of abuse victim By Sharyn McCowen 25 February, 2015 The Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Archbishop Christopher Prowse, kisses the foot of abuse survivor Mark Stiles at the National Repentance Service in Canberra. Photo: Ramon Williams It was with repentance for the scandal of child sexual abuse that a kneeling Australian Archbishop Christopher Prowse washed … Continue reading