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Media Articles on Islam and terrorism.

As Christians we want to hear what our Father is saying, so we came rest in peace whatever is happening around us; and so our actions arise from love not fear. Let’s be alert, as watchmen in Australia, to what God may be saying and pray for true peace – freedom for all to live in harmony and wholeness. Articles by: Peter Costello Greg … Continue reading

Prophetic Warning from 16 October 2001 & Current Prayer Points

Our Apologies: When we received the prophetic warning (below) by  LaNora van Arsdall we understood it had been released in 2015. Truth stands the test of time – and this word still resonates with relevance, so we stand by our call to pray for our nation and the world in which we increasingly see attacks on innocent people, Christians and the Church who stand against … Continue reading


by Rev Rob Isaachsen ( 1 of 3 articles on this website: SEARCH Isaachsen) URGENT UNITED PRAYER NEEDED FOR AUSTRALIA!!  Is Same Sex Marriage the Tipping Point to an Atheistic State? What is the Atheistic Movement Dominating the West with Lies and Money? What is the aim behind a movement that silences Truth with cries of HATE?            Why Did … Continue reading


Inspiring Truth can Protect the Freedom of our Nation  By Rev. Rob Isaachsen B.E. (Chem) Adelaide;  B.A. (Hons) Nottingham  ( 1 of 3 articles on this website: SEARCH Isaachsen) AUSTRALIA IS A WONDERFUL NATION – with among the highest standards of democracy, health, education and freedom in the world and the least corruption See: Australia.Globally.Remarkable  in Addendum below  WHY IS … Continue reading


by Getahun Gebremedhin September, 2015   One of the revelations that God has given in our time is to bring an end to the problem of unity in the Body of Christ.  God is redefining the locality of the Church.  The present truth in our generation is to build the Church as one body in every locality.  Jesus wants to … Continue reading


By Reverend Rob Isaachsen ( 1 of 3 articles on this website: SEARCH Isaachsen) HOW FREE IS AUSTRALIA – And WHY? Australia: Second Highest Level of Freedom in World 2nd of 185 nations for freedom of speech and religion See   Australia: Eleventh Least Corrupt of 180 Nations in Annual Index (2014)  See:  Nations Based on the Bible are least … Continue reading

Word for Australia and the South Pacific Islands  2015-2016

 Sheena Ryan,  Australian Prophetic Council It’s a year to seek and contend for God’s nuclear power to be released throughout the land so that there will be a hastening of the vision, God’s vision for this land. Write the vision LARGE in prophetic declaration! God desires that the blockages be removed and the blessings overflow. Some of the blessing has … Continue reading

Pray for Australia’s Plebescite Vote on Marriage.

Will you seek God’s leading on how to vote and how to pray for Australia’s 2016 Plebescite on  Same Sex Marriage? 1. We invite Australian watchmen and gatekeepers to communicate with us about how we can discern God’s strategy for how to stand together in love and prayer through this year leading up to the Plebescite – which is to be held after … Continue reading

Australia-Wide Prayer Call: On Our Knees 11 Nov

On Our Knees REPORT from 7am-7pm at Stairway, Melbourne It was glorious to be before the Lord and sense assurance of his will and capacity to overturn each global scheme of the enemy. If he could use the young people of the first world war to turn back the ‘Great’ War – he can properly equip the young people of … Continue reading