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National Forgiveness Week

SUMMARY National Forgiveness Week (NFW) is a movement of conviction by the Holy Spirit that brings people, leaders, people groups and nations to their knees, seeking God’s forgiveness and offering forgiveness to others. In several nations it has culminated in annual nationwide events where the need for forgiveness is focused upon. NFW is to be funded by government and organised … Continue reading

What is Truth to you?

This email offers you ways to explore Truth through times of waiting on God and a paper on The Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination. What is Truth to you? Jesus was silent when Pontius Pilate asked him, “What is truth?” A colleague said this question in Latin is an anagram for “The Truth is the man standing in front of us.” This … Continue reading

Updated: Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination

Dr David Tinworth & Sue Tinworth Paper written March 1, 2021 Latest Update: February 24, 2022 In this update we address Ethical Choices   Our Part Among Many Parts We respect there are many parts to the truths we all seek. We find our way forward as we consider multiple perspectives and a whole picture emerges. We all only see in part. David and I have written this … Continue reading