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Call to Pray 12 September 2017

Dear ACC Pastor, We are living in very interesting times. There are forces that seek to nullify the voice of the Church and radically change the fabric of our society. Being aware that we are heading to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, the National Executive discussed in depth the potential consequences for Christians, should the suggested legislation be passed. … Continue reading
Arise in the Breakthrough Anointing, Australia! This is a vital time for global breakthrough and Australia has a specific role in helping the nations – including Israel – open their eyes to know God. Ezekial 39:27, 29 “when I have brought them back from the peoples and gathered them from their enemies’ lands, and through them have vindicated my holiness in the sight … Continue reading

Same-Sex issue should have gone to the people long ago.

Janet Albrechtsen 12 August 2017 The Australian This week Malcolm Turnbull laid out how same-sex marriage could become law by the end of the year. Now that a compulsory plebiscite has been knocked back a second time by the Senate, there will be a postal survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in September. Ballots must be returned by … Continue reading

Gay Marriage Another Nanny Stat Safety Net

Brendan O’Neill 12 August 2017 Why are activists calling for the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia? To give gay people more choices in their lives? To expand freedom to a wider sweep of citizens? To complete the story of gay liberation that started in the late 1960s, when homosexuals sick of being harassed by cops and moral majoritarians fought … Continue reading

Clash of Rights Looms in Marriage Debate

Paul Kelly Editor at Large The Australian 12 August 2017  While the flawed postal vote plebiscite has provoked furious rival responses, the pivotal problem is just emerging — the failure in any draft bill by Coalition or Labor MPs to fully protect religious freedoms once same-sex marriage is legislated. This is set to become an explosive issue within the Coalition … Continue reading

Enemies of Christianity declaring new war on religion

AUGUST 2, 2017 Andrew Bolt a journalist with the Herald Sun CHRISTIANS, prepare for persecution. Open your eyes and choose stronger leaders for the dark days. I am not a Christian, but I am amazed that your bishops and ministers are not warning you of what is already breaking over your heads. How mad that Queensland’s Education Department can now warn … Continue reading