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Season of Turmoil, Upheaval and Contention Will Bring Change

Published by James Goll – 22 October 2013   This Hebrew New Year has been proclaimed the “Year of the Open Door.” (Abyla for Many have proclaimed this New Hebrew Year, 5774, the “Year of the Open Door.” While I concur with that, I often look at things from an additional perspective that includes not only the revelation of … Continue reading

It’s Nine O’Clock in the Morning! (A Holy Happy Hour)

Prophetic Word by Jodie Hughes – received word 19 September 2013 Pour It Out Ministries   “Its nine O’clock in the morning’… As I prayed I heard the Spirit say “Its nine O’clock in the morning”. I immediately associated this with Pentecost (Acts 2:15) when His Spirit was poured out over the 120, and the disciples were accused of … Continue reading

Be Set Apart To God’s Holy Purpose

New Zealand Prayer Leader Ps Warren Lyons from Call To Prayer Ministries International calls us from Friday  11th – 18th October to sanctify ourselves unto the LORD. Make yourselves available afresh to His plans for us as intercessors and warriors of His Kingdom by acknowledging before Him that we are only consecrated and sanctified through the free gift of His grace and … Continue reading

“The Cockatoos Are Rising” – A Prophetic Word for Australia.

By Jodie Hughes 19 August 2013 © Pour It Out Ministries 2013 The Cockatoos are rising…. The Australian apostolic voice is rising A Dream: I had a dream of 5 Cockatoos rising and flying upwards.  There was a sense of freedom and rightness and it was beautiful to watch.  The whole scene was full of colour and alive with … Continue reading