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A Word for this season: Chanukah? A Feast of Dedication

A Word for this Season: introduced by Susan and Fred Rowe from Transform World and This word comes from the Isle of Wight, House of Prayer.  The vision and word came during the feast of dedication, Chanukah, 9-16 Dec 2012. It conveys the importance and value of building and connecting houses of prayer through relationships to encourage and build one another … Continue reading

Prophetic Word from Open Heaven

You must not let this day come upon you unawares. A change has come. A season has closed and a new one has opened. You must prepare yourselves in the new that I am bringing forth. I must cloth you with my royal clothing, Continue reading

Gary Morgan’s Word for 2013

I want to release a word for 2013. I just felt like the year 2013 is going to be the year of the table. I prophesy this over, not just this house, but I prophesy this over the city. 2013 is going to be the year of the table. The reason I say that is that when Jesus was positioned … Continue reading

2013 – The Year to Rise up and Build

The year 2013 is a continuation of the year 2012 with the mandate to build with apostolic vision to establish His Government with Divine order. The number 13 stands for 0rder. The result of this will be the formation of strategic apostolic centers located throughout this nation. Continue reading

2013 A Year of Contrasts

I want to share some insights with you concerning the year ahead. Just before the end of 2012, Mike and I met with the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders to seek the voice of God and discuss with each other what God has been saying to the church about 2013. Through this special video, we will share with you what … Continue reading

Melbourne Prayer & Evangelism Strategies

Strategies for Winning our Neighbours and Regions to God This discussion paper was prepared by Sue Tinworth & Rod Schneider, to summarise God’s invitations to us. This reflects conversations, meetings and consultations with those we have been in relationship for many years – pastors and leaders across the body of Christ in our city and nation. We honour the foundations … Continue reading

Are you ready? Warrior Watchmen Alert!

We share again these calls for watchmen to arise and stand for the territory – the people – God has given them responsibility for. Lois Isaachsen shared two prophetic visions by about watchmen on a watchtower in a vineyard – the first  on 10.11.09 and the second on 1.1.13 when God gave Lois further revelation on this… First Vision of the … Continue reading

Why We Changed Our Name from Partners in Prayer…

We are Partners in Prayer & Evangelism. Prayer is an inadequate response to the kind of love our Father has for this world. He loves each one so much He sent His only son so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life! Our Father has a plan for the salvation of every one– a plan to optimise their ability to choose … Continue reading