Monthly Archives: January 2020

Do You Receive & Release the Blessing of God?

We are in the time of Elijah, when the land is in drought. We are crying out for God to reveal Himself. Many struggle between trusting God or His enemy. We have to choose between doing things based on the abundant eternal life that God offers us or our ‘knowledge of what is good for us.’ If we are deceived by the enemy into consuming from “the tree of … Continue reading

Discipleship Training: Four Fields

4 FIELDS INTENSIVE  Highly Recommended Equipping in Personal Evangelism & Disciplying for every follower of Jesus:  The 4 Fields Intensive is a four day interactive experience to equips people who want to multiply disciples and churches to the glory of God. The 4-Fields of Kingdom Growth answers these questions: Entry: How do I enter a new field? Gospel: What do I say?. … Continue reading

What is God saying to us? January 2020

At the beginning of the 2020 year and decade Australia was on fire. [This map shows the locations of active fires in Australia, 2nd January, 2020.]   How do you respond to these extraordinary prophetic words ? by Australians: Adam Thompson Australia on Fire 7.1.20 Elijah Spirit Katie Barker Word for Australia – Fire – Rain and Divine Shift 9.1.20 Mark Hopper  Resurrection of … Continue reading