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How to Prayer for the Victorian Election, Councils & Electorates

FORM A NEIGHBOURHOOD PRAYER WATCH IN THE LEAD UP TO THE VICTORIAN ELECTION You can find the Victorian Neighbourhood Prayer Watch Tool to your local government areas in other states.You can adapt the Victorian Neighbourhood Prayer Watch Tool to your local government areas in other states.Your Local Government Areas – across Australia, New Zealand and some South Pacific nations are … Continue reading

Part 3: God is Restoring His People and His Purpose in the Land

Pray for the Victorian Elections 26th Nov 2022 See Links to Parts 1-5 and Times for Prayer Times when you can gather to pray for the Victorian elections are updated online. We invite you all to pray for Victoria. Let’s stand as God’s elders, watchmen and family. Part 3: God is Restoring His People and His Purpose in the Land 1. We Acknowledge … Continue reading

Times to Pray for the Victorian Elections

PIPES: Pray4Victoria invite all Australians to join us and our partnering networks, groups and churches to pray for Victoria and the Victorian Elections on 26 November 2022. Join Pray4Victoria to pray for the Victorian elections: 1. Pray4Victoria meets weekly to pray online every Monday 2-4pm Zoom Contact: 2. Saturday 1.10.22 We encourage groups to meet for intimate face to face worship in Melbourne from … Continue reading

Prophetic Word for Melbourne, Victoria

Roma Waterman 23 September 2022 I saw in the spirit an ancient door, a door that when opened allowed demonic spiritual authority to reign in Melbourne. I saw as intercessors prayed this door was sealed until the strongman was destroyed. Then I saw a demonic stronghold over Melbourne that is trying very hard to remain in command. It has been … Continue reading

Part 2: How can you pray for Victoria?

Part 1: Australia, will you pray for the Victorian Elections? Part 2: How Can We Pray for the Victorian Elections? In Part 2 we will share Declarations, Prophetic Words and Discernment that arose from our Prayer4Victoria 2020-2022. Join your faith with ours to declare these Promises with us. Let’s pray in agreement with God’s will for Victoria. Let’s pray and … Continue reading

Australian Indigenous Prophetic Voices

God’s Indigenous People are releasing His Destiny from the land of Australia. We invite you to meet Australian Indigenous Prophets and hear what God is saying through them. First see this from God’s perspective… 1: Prophetic Vision: The Indigenous Elders and Angels of Australia by Roma Waterman On the 28th May 2014 during worship: I saw Indigenous men – strong and fit, … Continue reading

Pray with us: Toward a Victorious Victoria

To support your prayer for Victoria, we gratefully share these Declarations and  Perspectives that have assisted us. Pray4Victoria as Light in Darkness 2020-2022 1. Declarations for your Prayer for Victoria 2. Thank God for Victoria’s powerful history of revivals 3. Prophetic Perspectives of Victoria 4. Summary of Revelations and Intercession 2020-22 For two years, we have simply worshipped our Lord with our … Continue reading

Prayer for Victorian Elections 26 Nov 2022 Parts 1-5

Links to: Times to Pray for the Victorian Elections Links to: Help you Pray for the Victorian Elections, & other  Aussie Councils & Electorates Part 5: Still to come… Part 4: Pray for Victoria: Neighbourhood Prayer Watch Part 3: God is Restoring His People and His Purpose in the Land Part 2: How can you pray for the Victorian Elections? Part … Continue reading

“First Nations Indigenous People: Arise and Resound!” Katie Dunstan, NSW, Australia

In these times, I believe the Lord is INCREASING and RELEASING His voice, with great authority, through His “first fruits” people groups of the land. He is raising up His sold out, set apart, Indigenous burning ones, and releasing HIS VOICE to set nations ablaze for Jesus. Recently, the Lord took me up into an encounter, and I was looking down … Continue reading

Synchrony Australia Worships: Victoria

See National Reports At this national gathering Pray4Vic was called to intentionally raise worship from across the 79 Local Government Areas of Victoria. One appointed time, one voice, one song, laid down in humble worship before our God. Rebecca Milne: “I heard Father say ‘this is the power of union’. Union with me and each other. The answer to separation is union. The … Continue reading