Monthly Archives: October 2022

Repentance, Reconciliation and Love

Thank you for your faithfulness in your part in standing for the reign of Jesus in Victoria. Alongside the natural floods, a fresh revelation of the glory of God is washing over this land and its people. It is a wave of forgiveness and reconciling love that offers to cleanse us from enmity (murderous hatred and division). On our reconciled … Continue reading


LANA VAWSER I heard the Lord say: “THE GATES OF VICTORY ARE NOW OPEN” The sense surrounded me that the things that the enemy has held back, the things that the enemy has worked hard to keep God’s people from, from their place of victory, the Lord is now exposing those areas. There is a significant breakthrough taking place right … Continue reading

Pray for Victoria: Neighbourhood Prayer Watch

Mark 12:29 “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”Jesus called us to love our neighbours.In Luke 10:1-24 (NIV) Jesus invites us to pray for harvest workers and go out and connect with locals to bring His kingdom near in every local place He is coming to.See the glorious outcomes:– healings and salvations on earth– territorial principalities are brought down– authority over spirits is given to … Continue reading