The Glory of God: Light in Our Darkness

Sue Tinworth – Partners in Prayer and Evangelism Deep Darkness For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you and his glory will be seen upon you. Isaiah 60:2 NKJV Darkness is covering the earth. The nations are being shaken by fear and loss from COVID-19, governmental regulations, income loss, changing … Continue reading

The Story of our Father’s Family Tree: told 3 ways.

by Sue Tinworth In October 2023 we’ve seen extraordinary events in Israel, Australia and the nations.It’s a crucial time to listen to your Father’s voice and say, pray and do only what your Father is saying. “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His. and He changes the times and the seasons; He removes … Continue reading

Messianic Believers Re-covenant at the Gathering of the Nations to Welcome the King of Glory

This is the extraordinary covenant statement signed by Messianic believers on the 11th October 2023 in Jerusalem during the war. Our Covenant Declaration with the God of Israel We stand here this day, the 11 th of October 2023, in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, the City where God has placed His Name forever. As representatives of the … Continue reading

From Uluru to Jerusalem. From Repentance to Covenant. Welcome the King of Glory 2023

by Debra Morris SEE: “It is Time” by Grace Alnon BELOW: YouTube Videos In March this year a group of Tribal elders and leaders recognised God is calling the Aboriginal people back to Himself. This is not a new thing and yet we knew it was time to return. We gathered at Tongala, in Victoria, and a call was … Continue reading

Part 2: How can you pray for Victoria?

Part 1: Australia, will you pray for the Victorian Elections? Part 2: How Can We Pray for the Victorian Elections? In Part 2 we will share Declarations, Prophetic Words and Discernment that arose from our Prayer4Victoria 2020-2022. Join your faith with ours to declare these Promises with us. Let’s pray in agreement with God’s will for Victoria. Let’s pray and … Continue reading


Breakthrough in Australian Story of Forgiveness told by Daniel & Leila Abdallah at theNational Prayer Breakfast Canberra Parliament HouseMonday 12 November 2023 Please pray for the Abdallahs, for i4Give and for forgiveness to flow from our Parliament to our nation. Breakthrough also in Bougainville National Forgiveness Week Please pray for Rob Warren, Mark Kinbacher and Bougainville Leaders as they meet … Continue reading

Becoming the FUTURE Church: new wine in new wineskin

After all the darkness of 2020-2022, the lockdowns and the disruption to what we had known as church, some followers of Jesus have lost their way. Others are being filled with new wine and are new flexible wineskins for it to mature in. Wanna become fruitful? Picture your feet crushing grapes with others – a new wine illustration of our … Continue reading

The Pope’s Line

A research paper on the division of the world under Catholic jurisdiction by Pope Alexander VI and its spiritual implications Peter McArthur The Issachar Ministry   1. The Background The concept of Spiritual Mapping, which has played a part in some of the Latin American revivals of recent decades, is testament to the validity of its use in modern … Continue reading

Repentance: An Appeal from Heaven to Us

By Wes Leake Throughout the Bible there are numerous calls for God’s people to repent.  It was one of John the Baptist’s key messages: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.[1]” This call for repentance is not coming from God as a big ogre in the sky wanting to punish us if we do not repent.  Rather it … Continue reading

A Word for You Today

If you do not know David Demian as a brother and you have not yet heard his vital word for our times: please make these 16 minutes a priority: Also recommending Part 1: Part 3: Part 4: