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REPORT on PIPES Retreat 10-12 Aug 2017

   Our report on some days apart – sitting at the feet of Jesus… at El Kanah, 975 Buxton-Marysville Rd, Marysville, Victoria Deep thanks to all who came and who surrendered their time and hearts before the Lord, ministering to Him in worship. Many reported they feel relaxed and joy filled and at peace. Amazing revelation came through anointings released by Marianna … Continue reading

Partner with us

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer & evangelism We invite you to donate to the three services directly supported by Partners in Prayer & Evangelism (Inc): 1.  PIPES – enabling Christians to connect and collaborate in prayer and evangelism 2.  NATIONAL FORGIVENESS WEEK (NFW)  3.  AUSTRALIA PRAYS.  Please donate directly at    There are three ways you can donate to PIPES & NFW: 1. … Continue reading

Trump fulfills promise to evangelicals, and more

February 7, 2017 Will Hall   By Will Hall, editor Louisiana Baptist Message WASHINGTON, D.C. (LBM) — Louisiana Baptist national leaders are praising President Donald J. Trump as a man of his word for naming Neil Gorsuch as his U.S. Supreme Court pick. But a look at his nominees for cabinet posts shows the president has gone beyond just … Continue reading

Fighting McKenzie, the Anzac Spirit, and Australian Values

By Warwick Marsh Australia has produced some amazing war heroes but none so remarkable, or popular, as Fighting McKenzie from World War 1. Daniel Reynaud, author of the book ‘The Man the Anzacs Revered’ asked, “How did a wowser become an Anzac legend? And how did this legend become totally unknown today?” William McKenzie served in both Gallipoli and France … Continue reading

Pray for Senator Lucy Gichuhi

During our national Prayer Breakthrough Tour Nov-Dec 2016, Lucy Gichuhi joined our public meeting in Adelaide. When we formed groups to pray, I had the privilege to pray for Lucy – and without knowing who she was, found myself honouring God’s authority and appointment for her life. Today we celebrate her appointment to the Australian Senate and I ask you to pray for … Continue reading

Report from Far North Queensland on 24/7 Prayer Canopy

Aboriginal Communities and Other Local Churches across Far North Queensland each took one 24 hour day in our 40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay  – to create a 24/7 Prayer Canopy over their region for 40 Days!  Ps Melissa Haigh who coordinated the 24/7 Prayer Canopy in Far North Queensland sent in this prophetic word and report on supernatural evidence of the … Continue reading

How Will You Vote? Recent Media Reports and Calls to Pray for Marriage and Family

How will You Vote? Resources to Share Please prayerfully reflect on your vote in light of these resources. You can print out this “No” vote campaign leaflet on the consequences of a “Yes” vote to share with your friends and in your neighbourhood. These were prepared by Coalition for Marriage  More Information See Recent Media Articles Below Let us stand … Continue reading

Christians under assault by jihadists and sneering secularists.

GERARD HENDERSON The Australian  April 15, 2017 The Palm Sunday attacks by the so called Islamic State or Daesh on Coptic churches in Egypt is the latest manifestation of the unrelenting war against Christianity in the Middle East. Islamist terrorists attacked a Coptic church in the town of Tanta and St Mark’s Cathedral in the city of Alexandria. The Coptic Church’s … Continue reading

New progressive morality rapidly taking over from Christian beliefs

PAUL KELLY, EDITOR-AT-LARGE. THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN 15 April 2017   Christian values under attack There will be no settlement or social harmony from the agendas of the new moralists – just a fragmented society. As Christians celebrate Easter under threat and persecution in many countries, Christian tradi­tion faces erosion in Australia from an array of forces — the ­failure of its churches … Continue reading

Love Well: Live Given

They don’t tell you this – that Love is only known by the fools. You just feel it sometimes, the ache of love, of all the things, right there underneath your breastbone. The end of March, I stop everything, just before April shows up on the 1st with all her foolishness, and I watch a 92-year-old man lean over a … Continue reading