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The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening

Learn from Edwin J. Orr how God has transformed nations in the past: through fervent sustained prayer. It is a transfixing address that gets better and better! Hear what happens to the redundant police force in Wales! Jonathan Edwards described the kind of prayer that led to revival: extraordinary prayer (midnight/pre-dawn/lunch-hour prayer) explicit agreement and visible union of all God’s people in united, concerted prayer. May God … Continue reading

Rosy’s Pool Hall: A Story of Intercession and Neighbourhood Transformation

This story begins in 1999 when Rosy Soh started a pool hall as a street ministry in the heart of one of Melbourne’s worst drug scenes, at 122 Springvale Rd, Springvale – near the Springvale rail station in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Rosy Soh and Rick Macdonald at Rosy’s Pool Hall. This story updates and adapts a 2004 article by Peter Kentley in the Australian Market … Continue reading

Partner in Prayer with Us and Our Partners:

Would you commit to pray for one or more of these partnering ministries? Please subscribe as a partner and then email us so we can list you as partners in prayer for particular ministries and send you updated prayer points and reports. These leaders will be deeply encouraged to have your prayer support. PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism Pray for: wisdom … Continue reading

Time to Recover it All! God is Reconciling the Books in Heaven!

Doug Addison, Los Angeles, CA November is a time when God is building your faith and repairing the walls of doubt from past failures. A new plan from Heaven is being released over you, but you will need to battle and be assertive to get it. God is continuing to reveal and restore lost prophetic promises and inheritances. Repayment for losses over the past seven years … Continue reading

Christian Values Checklist: Vic Election 29 Nov

Download: Christian Values Checklist Vic Election 29 Nov The Christian Values Checklist deals with the moral and ethical issues that are rarely, if ever, discussed publicly in an election campaign but which are important issues that affect the very foundation of our society. More information about the political parties can be obtained from the party websites and policy pages. Short Summary of ‘Supporting Statements’  1 Support … Continue reading

Pray for G20 hosted by Australia 15 -16 Nov 2014

During the G20 2014 in Brisbane, let us stand together across Australia, ANZAC & ANZUS alliances and globally to pray for our government leaders, our nations and the earth. May God’s will be done! See letters below from Wes Leakes & Kris Schlyder: Letter from Wes Leakes, Brisbane. There are a number of key events happening in Brisbane: Shine the Light Brisbane … Continue reading

Loving our Neighbour: Environmental Responsibility.

Jesus asked us to love our neighbour – and explained they are not just the people who live near us and are like us. We are to love people from other races and places. (Luke 10:29-37) God has blessed us with the privilege and responsibility to take care of the earth. (Genesis 1:26-30, 2:15) What would Jesus say to us about what we are doing … Continue reading

Defense for Religious Liberty by the Attorney General George Brandis QC 

Annual Notre Dame lecture challenges human rights as a secular construct. Senator the Honourable George Brandis QC, Commonwealth Attorney-General and Minister for the Arts, challenged the notion of human rights as a secular construct at The University of Notre Dame Australia School of Law’s Annual Lecture on Religious Liberty at the Sydney Campus on Wednesday 20 August 2014. Senator Brandis … Continue reading

Pray for Victoria’s Election 29 Nov

NEWS RE: CFA RISK UNDER LABOR 30 Second Prayer for Government Leaders Weekly prayer bulletins Report from Public Prayer in Parliament House  Sat 15 Nov Many of us are are fasting for 40 days across this election. Join us to focus on Jesus and His will! It is such a privilege to live in Him and to overflow His love for the people … Continue reading