Monthly Archives: April 2019

Bible Marathon Reading

  In recent years churches have united to conduct Bible Marathons  reading the Bible right through aloud in public places in Brisbane,  Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gosford and Wellington…  and many other places. Reading the entire Bible  aloud is a decalration that we will retain a knowledge of God in our nation (opposite to Romans 1:28).   It also pushes back the darkness, extending … Continue reading

Today is the day it all went down

Today is the day it all went down, Last night it started. The conspiracy, The mock trial, The Crown of Thorns! The whipping while I was on all fours The blood dripping The stripping of my flesh….   The Trial…. My silence   Yes, I do remember it well My weeping at Gethsemane My blood dripping, The angels visiting, Strength … Continue reading

PIPES 2019 Retreat: Walking in God’s Glory

4pm Thursday 13 June – 4pm Saturday 15 June 2019 WALKING IN GOD’S GLORY as His Family & Ecclesia in Australia Registrations Closed.  We retreat to humbly wait on God, as His children who earnestly seek Him, listening, worshipping and cherishing His presence, His Word, His revelation of who He is and who we are. We are God’s family and ecclesia, beloved … Continue reading