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Rearguard Prayer for Church Unite: Sun 19 Oct

WOW!! Over 7,000 Christians and 130+ churches in God’s manifest presence! We were warned to pray AFTER this event. Please pause to pray NOW for protection for the leaders, for true life giving testimonies, and for emergent intent in the hearts of God’s people for unity in the Spirit of Jesus – leading to authentic collaborations as the body of Christ … Continue reading

Pray for Israel

Thank you to those who prayed with us for Israel during the war with Gaza. Please continue to pray: Please pray for the peace of Israel as God commands us and for wisdom and protection for Israel’s leaders, soldiers, people and land. Please pray for the truth of the circumstances in Israel and Gaza to be heard and respected. Please pray … Continue reading

Special Day of Prayer and Fasting for Asylum Seekers in Crisis, Sat 19- Sun 20 July

Asylum Seekers are increasingly under pressure and suffering a lot of mental anguish. The latest proposal to send people home unless they have at least a 50% chance of major persecution, compounds their distress. They are all human beings created by God and for whom Jesus died. They are needy and vulnerable people and the bible tells us to treat the stranger as one … Continue reading

Partner in Prayer for Australia

PRAISING GOD! SINCE PUBLISHING THIS CALL TO PRAYER 7 MEDIA RELEASES REPORT ON 7 STEPS OF PROGRESS! GOD’S CHURCH IS ARISING! KEEPING PRAYING! The Opposition to Jesus’ Kingdom is Real. I pray that as you read this your understanding will be touched by the loving, gracious power of God’s Spirit. God is opening our eyes to discern strongholds and principalities that operate against the … Continue reading

Revive Us Again, Lord! Lessons from Melbourne Revivals…

Contents: Video: Melbourne Revivals Alfred Deakin 1902-spiritual-revival The Great 1902 Melbourne Revival: An Historical Account with Observations. Author Unknown. Revive Thy Work, O Lord! The Story Behind R.A. Torrey The 1902 Revival in Melbourne, by Stuart Piggin The Great Melbourne Mission by Jason Harris on 1 April, 2008 in Australian History| This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Revival in Australia Revival In … Continue reading

Will you pray and Walk a While to Help Raise the Cross in the heart of Australia?

Update Below. At Australia’s National Prayer Breakfast Seminar in Parliament House, Canberra on 27 October 2014, Ken Duncan invited us to respond to the request of the Elders of the Ikuntji Community, near Haasts Bluff to support raising  a 20-meter Cross on Memory Mountain in central Australia. You can help Raise the Cross of Jesus at the heart of our nation! Ask … Continue reading