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TOWARD THE WORLD PRAYER ASSEMBLY PERTH 2-3 OCTOBER 2023 WAVE OF GLORY DEAN BRIGGS CAME TO AUSTRALIA TO PROMOTE THE WORLD PRAYER ASSEMBLY OCEANIA SUMMIT PERTH 2-3 OCTOBER 2023: WAVE OF GLORY DEAN BRIGGS WORKSHOP RESOURCES Dean Briggs Ministries Books available from AmazonDean Briggs, The Coming Great Blood Communion Revival. 2023Dean Briggs, Ekklesia Rising: The Authority of Christ in Communities of Contending Prayer 2014Dean Briggs, The Total Superiority of the … Continue reading

The Blood Of Jesus Speaks

Katie DunstanReleased at The Australian Prophetic Summit in January 2022.… The blood of Jesus speaks!In the Spirit, I keep hearing a rumbling thundering through the land.In a vision the rumbling caused the land to break open.The blood of Jesus filled the trenches.In the blood flowing through the veins of the land were His fire and His glory. I knew the … Continue reading

Prophetic Word by Dave Wagner, 5 Feb 2023 at Stairway Church

Lift up your eyes to the heavens and keep your eyes fixed upon Me as I show you great and mighty things you have never known or seen before. I Am Setting LOVE as the backdrop of the year ahead. My grace is about to outshine the darkest of nights and My mercy is about to breakthrough like the dawn. … Continue reading