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Church Unite Melbourne 2016 NOTE THE NEXT CHURCH UNITE DATE: 16 Oct 2016! Church Unite is a once a year gathering of Christians from all over Melbourne for two prayer and worship services at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The aim of gathering together is to rejoice in the elements that unite us together – our love for Jesus and … Continue reading

What We See Our Father Doing!

First: Do you see God as your Father? In order to do only what our Father is doing – as Jesus did – we need to see God as our Father and ourselves as His children. This can only happen through revelation – through spirit and truth. When we know God as our Father we will worship him as he seeks to be worshipped. (John … Continue reading

Eight Cultural Trends the Church Needs to Understand

by Joseph Mattera, pastor of a multiethnic congregation of 40 nationalities that has successfully developed numerous leaders and holistic ministry in the New York region and beyond. With the United States tilting towards the left, the church must prepare for a new normal in our lives and ministries. The body of Christ has to realize it is no longer business … Continue reading

The 30 Year Word of the “End Time Army of God” is Coming to Pass

by Jeff Jansen Bob Jones 1979 Vision of the Sands of Time As all of us are already aware, we are in a season of great ups and downs in the nations of the earth. There are great uncertainties of our time which cause great tensions due to the lack of clarity for the future. At the same time we … Continue reading