Monthly Archives: June 2017

A Call To Pray & Fast 1-3 July That God May Be All In All

Pray for Righteous Leadership in Australia’s Government Join us to pray and fast that God may be all in all – within ourselves and our nation – so every rule, authority and power is subject to Jesus Christ and all can rest in the abundant freedom and joy of life in the kingdom of our Father God. “Then comes the end, when he delivers … Continue reading



7 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Reaching the Lost in Its Own Backyard by Greg Stier It’s never too late for a church to reach out to the community. Let’s start today. For a decade of my life I was privileged to lead a church that was very effective at reaching the lost. Through prayer, hard work and a relentless Gospel … Continue reading

Call to Pray with Tasmania

The Tasmanian church has invited the rest of Australia to stand with them as one united church in our nation in a declaration to release the name and Lordship of Jesus Christ as light over Tasmania  especially during the Dark Mofo festival 8-21 June in Hobart. Mona’s winter festival- Dark Mofo- invites people to “celebrate the dark” through ancient solstice rituals … Continue reading

One Thing We Can Do

25 December 2020 Bill Johnson preached on an anointing available to the watchmen. It’s All About The One Thing! This is a call to focus on Jesus, so nothing can distract or divert us from living to represent Him and glorify Him. When our eyes are single in focus, our bodies are full of light and our world will see … Continue reading

Prayer & Mission Consultation in Herrnhut

In May 2017 the International Prayer Connect gathered 120 front line missionaries and prayer network leaders from each continent and many nations. We met in Hernnhut, Germany where the Moravians prayed  day and night for 120 years from 1727; and from where they sent the first global Protestant missionary movement. We heard a clear and urgent call to action: Jesus is calling … Continue reading