Monthly Archives: January 2015

What does it mean to be prophetic?

by Stephen Hill I have decided to put together an article on what it means to be prophetic. It is often said that Fatherheart Ministries is prophetic, that (in particular) James and Denise are prophetic, and that the revelation is prophetic. Because the majority of the people involved in this ministry come from a Pentecostal/Charismatic church background the only context we … Continue reading

Creating a Shape for Life to Flow

by Stephen Hill See: PIPES WHAT’S ON: Father’s Heart ‘A’ School: Experiencing the Father’s Love.  22nd – 28th March 2015 ACT I have decided to write this article to help our transition into a new life in the Father’s love. What throws many people off track is that sonship looks a lot different to servanthood. In servanthood, there was a lot of activity to be involved with, … Continue reading

Blessing for 2015 – from John 15

2015 – A year of seeing the power of God’s love in new and awesome manifestation. May you step fully into life union with Me as I have stepped fully into life union with you. May you live in union with Me as the very source of all you are and all you need and so find fruitfulness streaming from … Continue reading