Monthly Archives: September 2013

You too??? Why not?

LET US KNOW if you pray and connect with your neighbourhood, workplace or sphere of influence with an intention to bless them and see Jesus and His kingdom come to them… Do you have reasons why not to do it??  I was praying by myself for my neighbourhood but believing a common lie that solo prayer didn’t count.  Is that you too? We are not … Continue reading

Re-Formation of the 21st Century Church

Peter Kentley writes: Recently there has been a question calling to my heart… “What will reformation in the 21st century church look like”? The word reformation to me means re-formation… re-formation back to what Jesus meant by “his ecclesia” in Matthew 16. This caused me to start searching for insights in prayer into the original meaning of Matt 16:13-20 and … Continue reading

“My House is a House of Prayer!”

Jesus said it. Have you? Is your life; your home; your church; your school; your workplace Jesus’ House of Prayer? Are you one of the ordinary people all over our nation who are taking a stand to proclaim, “My House is a House of Prayer!” Commit yourself to pray! Join with your household; your neighbours; friends; workmates or local church to pray for and welcome Jesus’ mercy and … Continue reading

An encounter with the living God is available to you…too.

Others have been encouraged me to share an encounter I experienced in the early moments of 4th August, 2013 in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  I was woken at midnight from a deep, exhausted sleep by the sound of knocking on the motel door, and recognised the Lord was calling me. My spirit responded, “Speak Lord, your servant hears you” but my body was struggling to wake. … Continue reading