Monthly Archives: July 2016

Word to Melbourne

Word shared publicly by Elaine Bryson, from Stairway Church, at Church Unite Citywide Prayer Meeting at Crossway Church 20 June 2016 From John 17:17-26  “Thank You Father, that Your Word is consecrating truth In the same way that you gave me a mission/cause in the world – I give them a same mission/cause in the world. Our goal is for … Continue reading

I arise today… a powerful daily prayer.

This prayer inspires us with the power of Christ in a slave who was kidnapped at age 14, by human traffickers, and shipped to Ireland. Patrick (387-461 AD) met God and cultivated a life of prayer during 6 years tending sheep on harsh isolated mountainsides. Supernatural encounters with God led him to escape Ireland and then return as a missionary. In his life time Patrick saw his adopted … Continue reading