Indigenous Elders and Angels of Australia

Roma Waterman

On the 28th May 2014 during worship at an event we run called The Gathering, I saw this picture:

I saw Indigenous men – strong and fit, some had beards. The Lord said to me “These are the elders and owners of the land”.  I saw they were this generation – for this time.  They looked around 40-50 years of age.  In them I saw the many generations that have come before them, I could see their DNA – their history, who they were, but also who they were destined to be before the beginning of time.

They were the fruit of their ancestors.  The Lord said to me “All that has gone before has culminated in the people that are here and alive right now.  The destiny I birthed in the first peoples has not been aborted, it has been waiting to be released from each family line. I have been waiting for ‘such a time as this”.

As He said this, I saw these owners/elders stand on the borders of Australia.  They were standing right along its shores.  There was no space that was left unguarded or untouched.  As they walked to the borders, I saw angels come and stand in between each of them – one angel for each elder.  These angels also looked Indigenous. They were glistening – even their skin was a luminescent silver.  They were warriors.

The Lord said to me: “These angels have been with each family line since the beginning.  They have watched over the destiny and purpose of each generation, and have carried out what I have called these peoples to.  These angels have been here with their great great grandfathers, great grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, and now sons.  They know their history.  They know their story. They know more of their story than they do!”

These angels joined with the elders. They were there standing ready in anticipation for something.

As they stood on Australia’s shores, the angels stretched out their hands and called to the sea. They called for the waters from all over the earth to come towards them.  I heard the words ‘deep calls to deep’.    As they stretched out their hands, it was as if the waters were being pulled to the shores of Australia.  They were rising up from the deep, in waves of foam and roar as they came towards the elders and the angels.

As the waters came, eventually it washed over Australia. There was no place left that was dry or dusty. There was no place that was not touched by these waters.  I heard the word ‘renewal’.  These waters were bringing  renewal to Australia. The waters were strong and powerful, almost violent, yet the elders and the angels, although being caught up in the waters, did not waver, but rather remained standing and strong.

The Lord said to me “I am restoring the elders and owners of the land to their rightful place of authority.  They are being re-positioned in their understanding of their identity.  They will rise up and stand tall with no shame.  There will be a remembering of who they really are – and it will be so enlightening to them, because even they will not have fully realised the importance of who they are and what they carry that will release Australia into a great awakening. Without them standing into this position of authority what I have planned will not take place. Now is the time”.

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