National Day and 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

National Day of Prayer 2011

These are awesome days to be part of praying for Australia. Our nation – all Australians – need Jesus so much!

Our current focus is an invitation for you to join with others nationally in the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting –originally initiated by Transforming Melbourne- which is now linked with the National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

I write on behalf of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting Team to invite you to participate in Australia’s

The over arching theme of these linked events is God’s revival and transformation for our nation through the salvatoin and discipling of souls – Australian lives. The daily 40 Day Prayer Guide can be downloaded from the website. Be refreshed by spending 40 days focussing on Jesus and the good news of the gospel and by fasting and praying by name, for Aussies you  know, who need to meet Jesus.

You will find more information on the websites (above) – including a place to register that you are participating and ways you can be involved. On both websites there are you-tube clips that you can use in church on February 19 for the National Day of Prayer and Fasting and leading up to the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.  Encourage people who are praying within local church gatherings on Sunday 19th February and during the 40 Days –Sundays 26th Feb, 4th, 11th 18th 25th March and 1st April – to be aware that others are also praying for Australia and for Australians to receive Jesus. Please pass this invitation onto your friends and networks.

Local churches are hosting prayer groups at locations across Australia during the 40 days. If you would like to host a prayer meeting, you can register this via Fliers and posters are available from Koorong and Word stores or can be posted.

Stay in touch with ways we can pray for our regions and nation of Australia by registering for ongoing updates.

Together – with God  – we can make a difference!

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  1. Rafael says:

    I truly believe that the main way to make rpayer more strong in your life; or perhaps you mean how to make rpayer a bigger part of your life; is to just make up your mind that you are going to pray every day. We cannot just pray when we need God’s help, but we must pray to Him continually; every day. First of all, we can be praying and people all around us never know it. For true rpayer to God comes from a person’s heart. And it is the heart to which the Lord looks. We can pray from our heart, without ever opening our mouth. We need to pray when we begin each day, as we proceed through each day, and always pray at night before we go to bed. But there are certain things or certain people which God will lay on our heart to pray for as we go through each day. And we must also realize that our rpayers should also always include giving thanks to God for his many blessings which He has already given unto us; our salvation, the healing of our bodies, filling us with his Holy Spirit, giving us all power and authority over the devil, as well as many other blessed things. And the more that we continue to pray in these ways, the more we will be led by God to do so. But rpayer is a matter of choice. We can choose to pray, or choose to fail to do so. And when we are truly sincere to God in our rpayers, we will also see his power develop in our lives. If there was ever a time when people needed to be praying to God continually, it is the day in which we live.References :

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