“New Irrigation! An Incredible Place of Change is Coming!”


A Word relevant to PIPES by Chuck D. Pierce and LeAnn Squier, Corinth, TX

Dear Connected Ones:

How awesome to experience hearing God speak and then seeing a manifestation in the news the same week (see news link below). On Sunday morning (August 21), LeAnn Squier and I prophesied about a “new irrigation” and how the desolate places would be harvested. A few days ago, we received a news article on “new irrigation methods”. Read both and declare that any dry place in your life will be watered by the Spirit of the LORD and blossom forth abundantly with great rejoicing! (See Isaiah 35.)

An incredible place of change coming! This point of change is coming into the earth realm and upon God’s people.

(LeAnn Squier): All morning long I’ve been seeing irrigation pipe. I see irrigation pipe everywhere. The Lord is saying, “Some of you will stand in a deluge of rain but others will have to have My rain piped and sent out to them. Begin opening your eyes to see where I want to irrigate. There are deserts that desire to bloom but they can’t discern the rain when it comes! These dry places don’t know My open Heaven, and they don’t know My portal.

“There is going to be irrigation for an abundant harvest. I AM laying the pipes to irrigate fields. I AM laying the structure! I AM laying the framework now so that rain is going to go to the most deserted places you have ever seen. There is going to be a blossoming of places that you never would expect! Open your eyes today to see Me beginning to lay the foundation of irrigation to desert places.”

“A Time of Sending Out!”

(Chuck Pierce): “Many seeds have been planted, and many seeds are now waiting for a change in the atmosphere so they can sprout. These seeds are not lying desolate, but are waiting for an atmosphere of refreshing and rejoicing that will cause them to break forth.

“This is a time I’m sending out those that will go to those places where seeds were sown, and from the seeds being sown they will open a portal so the rain of My Spirit can come. Then they will harvest and bring back to the storehouse what needs to be brought back. Seeds are waiting. Your portal will carry the water to bring forth the harvest of grain that has fallen into the earth for a season of death! From the death of past fields, a great harvest will come!

(To read this confirming article “Deeper Irrigation Method Showing Promise For Vineyards” by Brian Wallheimer click here.)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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