Pray for Australia’s Federal Elections 2019

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Join us to pray for a righteous and just Australian government at our next elections.

  1. Prayer Points for the Federal Election 2019
  2. Prophecy for Australia and Scott Morrison in 2018 // Adam F Thompson & Adrian Beale Video Online & From The Guardian

  3.  Australian Prayer Network Call to Pray
  4. The Church has a Prophetic Voice to Society.

Prayer Points for the Federal Election 2019

I was led to go to Canberra in March 2019 to release governmental anointing on young leaders; to discern God’s strategy for the 2019 Federal Elections and to attend the National Day of Prayer & Fasting 2 March 2019.

As I sat in the Senate with these young leaders I discerned three prayer points.

  1. Repent of our lawmaking – all laws that are not aligned with God’s laws.
  2. Pray that the people’s will, which determines government in our democracy, is aligned with the will of God. Pray that the people exercise the privilege they have to release what is true, good & right & fair & kind for our families, neighbours and the children who will inherit what we pass on.
  3. Pray that we, the church, do not pray or speak or act in bitterness – from judgements that cut off relationships and options. Pray that the bitterness of adversarial attitudes behaviour in Parliament are dissolved. Then we can unite with God and each other for the well being of our nation- rather than battle with each other.

We need God”s healing revelation (of our own sins and wounds) and His healing visitation (encounter with our Father’s love to cleanse and heal us from our sins and wounds) so we can receive His holy revelation ( about how God wants us to pray, speak and act. Only then can we pray from God’s revealed perspective – and overflow our Father’s love.

Prophecy for Australia and Scott Morrison in 2018 // Adam F Thompson & Adrian Beale

27.40 min

From The Guardian: 

‘Darkness’ coming if Scott Morrison not re-elected, Pentecostal leader claims

Pastor says Christians ‘to have influence’ in politics after election of Australia’s first Pentecostal prime minister

Pentecostal leaders have warned their congregation that “darkness” will spread across Australia and Christians will be persecuted if Scott Morrisondoes not win the next election.

Others have been told that Morrison’s rise to power was a “miracle of God” that answered three days of prayer and fasting. They have been told that Morrison has made a public stand for Christian freedoms, and has promised to keep doing so, so God intervened to ensure he beat the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, in the Liberal leadership spill.

Videos posted to YouTube show how Pentecostal and evangelical religious communities are reacting to the rise of Morrison as prime minister.

Last Sunday, pastor Adam F Thompson from Voice of Fire Ministries and Adrian Beale from Everrest Ministries told a congregation of Hope City Church that Morrison’s elevation to power was divinely inspired.

Thompson, who says he can interpret dreams and that supernatural signs and manifestations accompany his ministry, said he’d received a message from God that Morrison and the Coalition must win the election.

“The Lord woke me up at 4.30am this morning,” Thompson told the Hope City Church congregation on Sunday, in a video he asked to be recorded.

“Scott Morrison, he’s a born-again Christian, he’s probably one of the first ever born-again prime ministers, but it’s not time to celebrate at the moment.

“This is a crucial time right now … In the next six months it’s time for the body of Christ [the Christian church] to put its differences aside … and come together and agree that Jesus is the Messiah and start praying together and calling it in and praying for our prime minister right now, and for our government.

“I really see that the body of Christ is going to have influence in the arena of – the political arena of this nation.

“[But] if the prime minister right now doesn’t get elected in this next election there’s going to be darkness coming. And I’m not being negative. The laws are going to change where darkness is going to come and there will be persecution on the church.”

Thompson asked the congregation if they truly wanted a Pentecostal revival and reformation in Australia.

“If it doesn’t happen in the next six months, in the next year I should say, there is going to be, the laws are going to come in, where they’re going to change and darkness will come,” Thompson said.


“The Lord is saying he wants us to rise up and pray, rather than come into persecution where we’ll have no choice.”

 Australia’s new PM: who is Scott Morrison? – video

In the video, Beale from Everrest Ministries then leads the congregation in prayer for Morrison, calling on God to help Australians grasp the value of his intervention in the leadership spill.

“Just as Scott has come to the fore, unexpected Lord, you’ve kept him hidden for a time such as this,” Beale said.

“Lord, we pray that the whole of the body of Christ in Australia would grasp the value of what you’ve done, Lord, and get behind our new leader … and that the next election would be won so that godly principles would be put into place, rather than the enemy having his way.”

In a different video posted to YouTube, Warwick Marsh from the Australian Christian Values Institute has claimed three days of prayer and fasting had been answered with two miracles.

“Firstly, on the 15th of August, the Senate voted down the euthanasia in the territories proposal. No one expected this. This was an absolute miracle,” Marsh says in the video, which was posted last month.

“Secondly, on Friday the 24th, the Liberal party voted in a new prime minister, Scott Morrison, after a week of political turmoil.

“Many people here in Australia of faith believe this was a miracle of God, as Mr Morrison has a strong faith in God and has made a stand for Christian freedoms and has promised to do so in the future.

“It would seem that this is a direct answer to our prayers, as we prayed against the erosion of our Christian freedoms under the forthcoming Ruddock report.”


Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull appointed an expert panel, chaired by former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock, to examine whether Australian law adequately protected the freedom of religion. Ruddock handed his report to Turnbull in May.

Marsh then reminded Christians that there will be another three days of prayer, repentance and fasting, from 7 to 9 September. He asked them to pray for God to intervene to stop the Queensland government’s bill to decriminalise abortion.

“And pray that truth and freedom would win out in the high court case against exclusion zones around abortion clinics,” he said.

Guardian Australia contacted Morrison’s office to ask him if he knows Thompson, Beale or Marsh. His office said he had never met them.

Morrison is Australia’s first Pentecostal prime minister.

He is a member of the Horizon Church in Sutherland, which is part of the Australian Christian Churches network. He attends regularly.

3. Join Australian Prayer Network Call to Pray

Register in ongoing united national 24/7 Prayer Watch.
APN will launch 30 Days of Prayer before our Federal Election.

4. The Church has a Prophetic Voice to Society.

NACL Report from Church & State Conference 22-23 Feb. Brisbane.

Australia needs and wants the Church. Despite what journalists, musicians, movies and 100,000 keyboard warriors constantly tell us – the majority of non-Christian Australians do not want the Church to go away quietly or keep the Truth to ourselves.
What our post-truth society craves is Truth. What our post-Christian culture needs is the Gospel. Millions who are gagging on postmodern relativism are hankering for somebody to authoritatively show them reality. They want to be offered a red pill and wake-up from the matrix.
The prophetic voice of the Church to society is every believer’s mandate & authority to declare Truth in the public square. It’s the encouragement to Esther, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” It’s the Word of the Lord through Isaiah, “Seek justice, defend the oppressed.” It’s the wisdom of Proverbs, “Righteousness exalts a nation,” and “Open your mouth, judge righteously.
It’s the commission of our Master. “Don’t lose your saltiness, flavour the earth. Don’t hide your light, but let it shine brightly.”
25 million neighbours are waiting for us to speak the Truth in love. The Church and State Summit is an annual conference which gathers high calibre speakers to encourage and equip the Body of Christ in this historic mission. It is not only for pastors and Christian leaders, but teenagers and tradies and every believer who wants to be better informed and better involved in practically loving our neighbours through politics. It is eye-opening and non-partisan, presenting every issue only through the lens of Scripture.
You are invited to attend this practical training on how to answer the call to be better informed & better involved, to impact our culture, influence social policy and practically love 25 million neighbours at once.
You’re the voice of the Church to society! Please visit

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