STATE BY STATE: Redemptive Gifts

Aussie Trumpet Edition 3 2005 Kathryn Yaxley

“But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.” Ephesians 4:7

From Christ, the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and
builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:16

In the last edition of Aussie Trumpet, I mentioned how about different states bear unique
redemptive gifts on behalf of our nation. Perhaps, like seven unique pieces of patchwork that
when laced together fill in and compliment God’s glorious picture for this nation, Australia.

Another way of explaining this might be that the parts of the Body of Christ represented in each state
contribute separate gifts to the whole Body of Christ in our nation, as the Scripture above says.

Redemptive gifts can be described as various deposits of God’s grace. So they can be seen as a
spiritual ability/capacity or a natural ability that the Lord has placed within the Body of Christ in
each state (often seeded in history) but which exists for the betterment of the nation. It could also
be described as a particular characteristic or aspect the state contributes that no other state
possesses, making it a unique contribution.

Redemptive gifts can be heard in the prophetic voice over our nation. (For example, Rick Joyner
recently released a word speaking into Sydney’s unique function.) Often this gives us wisdom from
heaven to understand our unique roles but also helps us know how to pray into the release and
fulfilment of this word. We are not very good at praying these words through though! On the other
hand spiritual mapping (tracing the contours of history with a spiritually discerning eye) can also
touch the prophetic word with fresh understanding.

Not one for staring at length at history the Lord often uses pictures with me. This will be the track I
take in this Trumpet, particularly developing our understanding a little further on redemptive gifts in
this nation. However, often the Lord then uses my cursory understanding of history to validate or
underscore what He has begun to show me in image. He may well work differently with others, so
please know how the Lord works with me is not prescriptive of how the Lord must work!

These redemptive state gifts (like our own or even our fellowship’s compilation of gifts) are better
understood as unique gifts purely endowed by the Living God, not coming from any innate
superiority or human design. This leaves no room for pride, arrogance or even boasting about
those gifts endowed on states but instead should see us seeking from the Lord how to understand
and steward them. Instead, when properly understood and released, these gifts will contribute to
the well being of the nation so what is potentially embedded within each state will, by degrees,
strengthen or weaken the whole Body of Christ in our nation. (Last edition gave a negative
example of this in the man/snake picture where supposed weak praying in Tas/ACT led to a threat
over the entire nation!)

I might be touching on things here that are unfamiliar to you. Take this up in prayer personally and
weigh up what I share. Search the Lord and hear what He has to say. I am writing out of my own
struggle to understand this area, which is seven years old and still ongoing. Forgive my limited
understanding. I sense that I have captured only a brief and cursory perspective of much deeper

Background to ‘State by State’
Recently, the Lord began to talk to me more deeply about understanding that our nation exists as a
collection of states. As these states conjoin geographically as well as politically to make up our
nation, so the spiritual implications of being mutually existing in the same federation needs to be
recognised. There needs to be an inter-weaving of supportive understanding of each other’s part
to the whole in order to see the strength and purposes of our nation fully realised.

The Lord reminded me that our nation exists only because of the federation of our states. There is
no one national identity without bearing with and understanding the separate parts that make up
this whole. In fact we federated to become one nation only in 1901 yet for about 100 years prior
many states existed as separate colonies. The order of the states’ formal formation in the colony is
as follows:
State Formation into Colony State Motto
New South Wales 1786 Newly risen how bright thou shinest
Tasmania 1825 Fertility and faithfulness
Western Australia 1829 No motto
South Australia 1836 United for the common good
Victoria 1851 Peace and prosperity
Queensland 1859 Bold aye and faithful too
Northern Territory 1863-1911 (Northern territory of SA) No motto
Australian Capital Territory 1911 No motto

The Lord really caught my attention on a recent holiday to Sydney when He began to speak more
about the period of white settlement as significant to understanding Satan’s system at work in
Sydney and across the nation. The Lord shared this with me as a strategist in prayer, I simply
pass it on for your own pondering. It may add to your understanding, but please remember I am
not suggesting it is all truth!!

The Lord had begun to point out how significant Sydney was to Satan’s purposes in our nation.
The Lord’s as well. At first, since I live in Tasmania, I was jealous. I didn’t wish to know about
Sydney’s value. I wanted to see the greater vantage for Tasmania – it’s put down so often!
However, I very soon felt the corrective conviction of the Holy Spirit. This is His land. No-one has
any grounds to boast here according to state boundaries. The Lord wanted me to be able to carry
and bear the burden for each or any state for His divine call at the time. I had been given a lesson
in the need to care about each other! I was sufficiently chastened.

Early Settlement
As a strategist the Lord began to speak about the vantage that Satan had been able to take in the
pattern of our early settlement. This was where Satan had been able to use the network of
settlement including the convict system to set up his evil base of operations to hinder the purposes
of the Lord, not just over Sydney but as this was a national issue, it covered the whole continent.
The Lord shared an image with me that spoke right into this, showing the unified advantage and
scheme Satan has established over our nation.

Image: Treasure Chest
The treasure chest superimposed over a map of our nation. It was facing south with one handle in
Western Australia and the other in Sydney. The lock was in South Australia. The chest was like a
pirate’s chest of treasure. But it was not yet freely open. It was not all in darkness. Some gold
was apparent on the dark chest: both the handles and at the lock. The flap that hides the lock was
loose. (Those parts in gold are perhaps an indication of where to begin to pray.)

One corner of the chest was here in Tasmania, one in Queensland, and two in WA. As already
noted the lock was in SA. The key inserted in the lock seemed to have to do with Tasmania.
The hinges were at the back of the chest, one hinge in Queensland, the other in Western Australia.
In this image no treasure was obvious yet but I could tell it would be inside the chest. The contents
were not available. The chest was keeping it hidden from access.

Explanation to the Image: Treasure Chest
Chest itself
The whole image seemed to equate with the structure Satan had set in place over our nation to
limit the work of God. My impression is that it seemed to use a stronghold left over from the
convict era.

I asked the Lord why it was this convict era that he had taken me to outlining the system regarding
Sydney and our state and the nation. I had felt the aboriginal spirituality should have been first
point of call. The Lord spoke to me a principal concerning our nation. This principle was that the
keys to discerning Satan’s system to lock up the work of the Lord lies within the same era which
brought the Gospel to that nation. So the very way the Gospel arrives will contain the seeds for
Satan’s reaction to bind up the spread and development of the Gospel.

For my purposes in prayer the Lord showed me it was in the convict era that the Gospel came (on
the First Fleet). It was also within this era and the convict system especially where Satan also
worked to limit the impact and spread of this Gospel – even sowing the seeds which would flourish
to keep the growing nation in the dark.

The handles of the chest were represented by Sydney (cornerstone for the whole colonial
settlement) and WA. I don’t know any more specifics.

The corners just signified the parameters of the chest which cover our whole nation. Each corner
seam of the chest however also looked like it contained a watchtower. So where each side came
together was a place of ‘watch’.

The lock was very important. And is the place to open the chest. With the lock lying as it does in
South Australia really caught my attention because to my knowledge this was the only state not
settled by convict labour.

At the back of the chest represented the relationships between and with our indigenous brethren.

Praying the Image: Treasure Chest
Ask the Lord how He would have you pray. I praise the Lord that He is the protector and treasure
of our nation. The Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth. Proverbs 10:22
This image did not come as a threat but rather as a call in working together to open the contents of
our chest. This was the urgent matter. At this point the contents weren’t accessible for the lid was
down. Thus the treasure is not accessible to us. The flap over the lock (in SA) seems loose but is
still in place. I know there is a pretty healthy common prayer movement in SA and I wonder if this
is why the flap is loose. It’s also shining gold and in the light.

The Chest
I pray for an understanding of each part for the good of the whole, and a development of each
states’ gift. Especially I pray for the maturity and development of the prayer movement in each
state that will enable protection on the work of God in each state and across states. I pray for an
understanding that although one nation we are made up of unique parts and would make space for
this unique contribution to the spiritual fabric in the Body of Christ in Australia. I pray for the cooperation within each state’s prayer movement and across them.
I pray that each part on the chest comes into co-operation for the good of the Body of Christ in the
nation (corners, handles, hinges etc). I also pray for the unlocking of the chest and the wise stewarding of the resources within. Also that they would be fully utilised. I pray protection on the opening and the resources themselves. I pray that the ‘key’ would meet the ‘lock’! I pray that any ‘locking’ and enclosing impact from our colonisation state by state would be overcome and liberty in the Lord would be Australia’s portion.

The Handles
I pray for Sydney. That whatever needs to come into place here would be brought so by the Lord.
I pray that no other hand other than the Lord would have access to the handle in Sydney, and I ask
the same in WA. I pray protection of the word of the Lord on each handle remembering that this is
a particular function. (Handles are the places you go in order to move things). I ask for
guardianship over the national prayer movements headquartered at the handles (Sydney and WA).

I pray that the power of the ‘watch’ in prayer would be recognised and utilised to overcome the
insidious historical strategy over our nation from the convict era. (More next edition.) I ask for
guardianship on those who are ‘keeping watch’ in prayer. I also pray that our co-operative
understanding between states would develop.

The Lock
I pray for the prayer movement in South Australia. In particular, I ask for a deepening
understanding of their connection and contribution to the whole of the nation. I pray for leadership
in this state, their wisdom and a discerning of the leadership role in the nation that this image hints
at. I pray for a strengthening of co-operation with the indigenous communities in our nation.

I pray for a greater recognition of the importance of the hinges (relationships with our indigenous
brethren.) I pray for the work of unity within these communities and the right connections with the
white communities, state by state so that these may work as the openers for the chest. This is
necessary so the lock can be opened and more importantly, the lid raised as well because without
the lid raising we won’t have access to the riches in the chest. I pray for the forgiveness where we
have and are overlooking the indigenous brethren in our nation. I pray for stronger partnering and
an even greater understanding of the co-operation needed with each other, especially on the part
of prayer leadership in states.

There is no sense of urgency to break down and undo the treasure chest. The need was simply to
OPEN the treasure chest. Until the Body of Christ in each state (and the prayer movement initially)
accepts a unique responsibility for a contribution to the nation and walks in it (and is accepted by
those other states bearing that unique contribution) the treasure remains locked up.

Will you pray with me holding this image before the Lord?

‘Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.’ 1 Corinthians 12:27

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