The Blood Of Jesus Speaks

Katie Dunstan
Released at The Australian Prophetic Summit in January 2022.…

The blood of Jesus speaks!
In the Spirit, I keep hearing a rumbling thundering through the land.
In a vision the rumbling caused the land to break open.
The blood of Jesus filled the trenches.
In the blood flowing through the veins of the land were His fire and His glory.

I knew the blood was to heal the land, the fire to set the nation ablaze for
Jesus and the glory to manifest the miraculous.
It was a picture of the Lord healing his people and healing the land to
recalibrate the nation, to align heaven and earth.
There is coming a blood alignment with the blood of Jesus that aligns all.
He is going deep into the hearts of the people and the heart of the nation,
purging it with fire and bringing forth his glorious ones like gold.
While individuals can have their hearts wounded by trauma, I believe a nation
can also carry wounds (Gen4:10,11).
I believe Australia carries a wound in the heart of the nation that needs
The blood of Jesus speaks a better word over the nation. (Heb 12:24)
The Lord is giving the nation a blood transfusion and a heart transplant for the
healing of the nation.

The strategy:
I heard the Lord say these words, “as you continue to host my
presence you will house my glory – in that house of glory I will take up
habitation with you, and in the habitation, I will manifest my glory through
So I inquired of the Lord a little deeper – how?
I heard the Lord’s invitation, in 3 words over and over again –: “be with me”.
God wants to release great measures of His Glory, as we respond to His call to
“be with me”.

He is healing his people and healing the land.
As the land is healed it will reap a glorious harvest of supernatural miracles,
masses of people healed from trauma, set free from oppression, depression,
addiction and limitation and salvation in the nation.
Katie Dunstan

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