Houses of Prayer Take Responsibility for their Spiritual Territories with Demonstrable Outcome!

A record breaking typhoon struck the shores of the Philippine Islands 9th November 2013 shattering records of the past with destructive forces that have devastated lives and left its mark on human history.  On top of that, a 7.1 earthquake struck the same region on the 11th November.   Rescue teams are mobilizing and the world is riveted to assist to help devastated region. Let’s pray and respond to their need with love!  

Reports are emerging that houses of prayer in the Philippines were untouched. We know God’s mercy for salvation and favour is for all people – but it has to be accepted to take effect. When representatives welcome Jesus’ kingdom into a region – aligning under our Lord’s sovereign reign – God ‘s protection blesses a whole region!

Edited Summary from the Philippines:  “We forward to you attached a satellite  picture of the  super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) as it came upon Negros. The picture is by ‘Project Noah’ (Nationwide Operational Assessments of Hazards) of the Department of Science and Technology.

Look at the photo and see on the upper left a dark green “V-cut” that looks like a piece of pie.   Right in the center is the City of Bacolod and beside it is Silay City, Bago, part of Cadiz, etc. 

The picture humbles us immensely.  It is pictorial evidence of the Prayer Shield that was declared by the prayer chain in Bacolad.  Our area was declared under Signal No. 4, then No. 3, then No.1, but Bacolod, Bago, Silay and Dumaguete , which have networks of houses of prayer, were markedly spared. Northern Negros,  which has no houses of prayer, was devastated. 

In Bacolod, we text blasted prayer for the angels of God to arrest Yolanda (Haiyan) at the perimeters, the gates, and the borders of our city.  Each house of prayer for each city  prayed for its area  and Yolanda almost gently passed us by in Bacolod. The furious winds and rains could not enter our “SAR” -‘Spiritual Area of Responsibility.’

The weatherman explained that a ‘miracle’ happened because the eye of the storm skipped us and we were affected only by the tail or side winds.  The worst we had was a few gusty winds that toppled some teetering trees.  Electricity was cut  as a precaution only and returned to us in 6 hours.  Zero casualty.  No dead, no injured.

We literally cried in thanks to God for His answer to prayer and for honouring the prophetic word given in His Name.”  (Philippine brother)

Source: Fred and Sue Rowe, Transform World Celebration Challenge Facilitators

Prayer Points from International Christian COnnections:

Thank you for your messages, prayers and concern for our current situation in the Philippines.  As you know, a super typhoon named Haiyan  (deadlier than Hurricane Katrina that had swept the US) ravaged the provinces in the central part of our archipelago last Friday.  These cities are a plane ride away from Manila, so those of us live in the capital city are safe. Before the typhoon struck, Christians were praying that the Lord would change the typhoon’s  course.  As it was however, fierce winds and tsunami-like waves totally whipped these provinces, killing an estimated 10,000 helpless victims.  Warnings  and preparations for evacuation and relief work were no match for the winds and rain. Many cities  now look like no man’s land.


But our Lord is sovereign over all; He never fails us and we believe that as a nation, this is an opportunity to show our spirit of unity, deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and demonstrate our selfless giving.  We have not seen in our history  such a  generous outpouring of aid and supplies from within the country (through the private sector), and from countries around the world, (some of them erstwhile ‘enemies’ of the Philippines).  Everywhere, we see people wanting to help out and give their support.  Please pray with us through the weeks and months ahead  of relief,  rescue and rehabilitation work, on behalf of the millions of Filipinos who are helpless victims of this tragedy. 

 These are our specific prayer requests:

1.      Pray that our Lord will give an extraordinary amount of wisdom, steadfast spirit, keen insight, quickness to respond and political  will among our national, regional and local government officials in mapping out and implementing a sustained plan of action for relief, rescue and rehabilitation.  Pray that the Lord will give them the mind of Joseph who knew how to direct the people when the seven years of famine struck Egypt.  Such was his wisdom that no one lacked.  Pray that the millions of aid will be wisely distributed and allocated.

2.      Pray for our Compassion Philippines Rapid Response Team to be able to carry out relief assistance and to provide comfort, prayers and support to our afflicted children, their families and local churches.  Pray for the safety and health  of Noel (our Ph Country Director), Toyditz (our Asia Regional Advocacy Director), and the rest of the Rapid Response Team as they are in Cebu and Leyte  for a few days to carry out the relief work.

3.      Pray that Satan, the Enemy will be ‘padlocked’ so that unscrupulous people/thieves/robbers will not be able to carry out looting, robberies, or resort to killing; pray that no corrupt officials will be able to lay their hands on any of the relief money or goods for their own selfish motives.

4.      Pray that the Lord will give our Filipino brothers  and sisters with unwavering faith in the Lord that they will receive timely help in terms of food, water, medicines and a safe place t sleep for the weeks and months ahead.

5.      Pray that the US military personnel sent to help will be able to quickly train Filipino local officials so that all (and not only a few) affected towns and provinces will receive timely relief help.  Pray that the aircraft sent to airlift goods and supplies will be safe and will help bring food especially to those towns where people have not eaten a single food since Friday.

6.      Pray for miracles of healing to those who are ill, and for  thousands and millions  of Filipinos in central Philippines to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that the body of Christ in the Philippines, represented by the thousands of local churches will be a source of sustained blessing to the typhoon victims, in word and deed.

7.      Pray that as we see the rehab work successfully accomplished, we will be able to declare, 

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

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