Pray for the Nations: Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018


An Invitation to Adopt a Nation

We are seeking 70 prayer groups in Australia to each adopt and pray for one of the 70 Commonwealth nations who will come to Australia for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast 4-15 April 2018. Your regular prayer group can do this! You just need to commit to pray for one of these nations from now through April 2018.

Prayer for the Commonwealth Games is being organised by the Gold Coast House of Prayer. See Beyond Gold GC for dates of the Baton Relay, Prayer Points etc.

See details below on how to register in Jamie’s letter. Below Jamie’s letter there is a list of the nations – and those needing prayer. When you register you will  receive information on each nation.

We encourage you to contact our office to register your prayer group and nation, or register through Trybooking via

To see the YouTube clips of these nations go to   

We would love to hear feedback from you and especially from those prayer groups that adopted nations at the beginning of this strategic assignment.

Weekly Prayer Online

Each Friday from 11am-1pm Sydney time you can join in or listen to us pray for the two Commonwealth Nations that the Queens Baton Relay is passing through. If you cannot be on the call for the full two hours you can join for part of it.  This is a good experience for us all to learn more, from experienced global prayer leaders, about intercession and praying over nations.

11 am Fridays: connect through Zoom – by clicking this link.

Alternatively, you can take part by phoning in on 028015 2088 and follow the voice prompts using Meeting ID: 645 749 2167.


The Queen’s Baton Relay, similar to the Olympic Torch Relay, is a relay around the world held before the beginning of the Commonwealth Games. The Baton carries a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II. The Relay traditionally begins at Buckingham Palace in London as a part of the city’s Commonwealth Day festivities. The Queen entrusts the baton to the first relay runner. At the Opening Ceremony of the Games, the final relay runner hands the baton back to the Queen or her representative, who reads the message aloud to open the Games officially.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games, commonly known as Gold Coast 2018, will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia between 4 and 15 April 2018.  The baton left Buckingham Palace on March 15, 2017, and will travel through each of the Commonwealth Nations, spending 2-6 days in each.

As the host for the games, prayer leaders from Australia were invited to put together an initiative whereby the nations could join in to pray for each country of the Commonwealth in the months preceding the games.

Over 2 billion people live in the Commonwealth of Nations. They represent ¼ of the world’s population and ⅓ of the world nations, spread over every continent. The Queen’s Baton Relay Prayer Watch aims to strengthen and connect the people and nations through prayer focusing on their redemptive gifts.

Our Vision
Our vision is to find 70 houses of prayer throughout Australia who would be willing to pray for the 70 nations/territories that are participating in the Commonwealth Games.

Besides the specific prayer assignments we hope that this will help catalyse connections between the various Houses of Prayer around the nation.

With this letter we would like you and your House of Prayer to take on one nation to pray for during the rest of this year.  What we ask for is that your House of Prayer will pray weekly for the nation you have selected as well as have a specific prayer meeting for that nation while the baton is in that nation.

We plan to communicate once to twice a month and will make available prayer guides progressively for all the nations/territories in the relay.  Communication is being coordinated through the office of Australian House of Prayer for All Nations which is overseen by Ps Jenny Hagger.

We invite you to sign up your House of Prayer by registering at the following link.

Alternatively, you can phone our office on 08 8370 1256 and register that way. If you would like more information please Email or call 0883701256 .


To see the YouTube clips of these nations go to

We would be most grateful if you would pass on this invitation to any other Houses of Prayer that you are aware of who may be interested.

May God’s richest grace and peace be with you all.

Ps Jamie Pryor
Canberra Australia

Also on behalf of Ps Jenny Hagger (SA), Rudi Bam (Qld) and Ros Curry (NSW).

Nations expected to compete in Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018:

  1.  Anguilla
  2.  Antigua and Barbuda
  3.  Australia (host nation)
  4.  Bahamas
  5.  Bangladesh
  6.  Barbados
  7.  Belize
  8.  Bermuda
  9.  Botswana
  10.  British Virgin Islands
  11.  Brunei
  12.  Cameroon
  13.  Canada
  14.  Cayman Islands – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  15.  Cook Islands
  16.  Cyprus
  17.  Dominica
  18.  England – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  19.  Falkland Islands
  20.  Fiji
  21.  Ghana
  22.  Gibraltar
  23.  Grenada
  24.  Guernsey
  25.  Guyana
  26.  India – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  27.  Isle of Man
  28.  Jamaica
  29.  Jersey
  30.  Kenya  – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  31.  Kiribati
  32.  Lesotho
  33.  Malawi
  34.  Malaysia
  35.  Malta
  36.  Mauritius
  37.  Montserrat
  38.  Mozambique –  There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  39.  Namibia – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  40.  Nauru
  41.  New Zealand
  42.  Nigeria
  43.  Niue
  44.  Norfolk Island
  45.  Northern Ireland – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  46.  Pakistan
  47.  Papua New Guinea
  48.  Rwanda
  49.  Saint Helena
  50.  Saint Kitts and Nevis
  51.  Saint Lucia
  52.  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  53.  Samoa
  54.  Scotland – Contact Sue for introduction to ‘Pray for Scotland’
  55.  Seychelles
  56.  Sierra Leone
  57.  Singapore
  58.  Solomon Islands – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  59.  South Africa – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  60.  Sri Lanka
  61.  Swaziland
  62.  Tanzania – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  63.  Tonga – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  64.  Trinidad and Tobago
  65.  Turks and Caicos Islands
  66.  Tuvalu
  67.  Uganda
  68.  Vanuatu – There is a House of Prayer praying for this nation.
  69.  Wales
  70. Zambia


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