Overflowing Blessing

Bless your Neighbours, Regions and Nations.

Blessing releases God’s power! Jesus’ kingdom rule is released when, in His name:

  • We bless the Lord – through worship, adoration and thanksgiving.
  • We declare God’s blessing – voicing our faith in His character, Biblical promises, and leading.
  • We speak blessing – natural encouragement within authentic relationships with local people.
  • We are a blessing –  acting kindly and releasing Jesus’ power for healing, provision etc.

To Bless is to: 

  •   Honour as holy – to glorify: Bless the Lord!
  •   Make holy – to sanctify.
  •   Invoke divine favour upon others.
  •   Confer well-being, healing, prosperity.
  •   Endow – as with talent, gift, calling.

Deuteronomy 10:8 identifies three critical elements: carrying the presence of the Lord, ministering to the Lord and speaking blessings in His name to the people.

Leviticus 9:22-24 illustrates the power of blessing.

To Overflow Blessing:

We need to first open and align ourselves to receive God’s blessings,

because we can only give away what we have received from Him…

Receiving God’s Blessing will….

  • Encourage, lift up, instruction, comfort.
  • Heal people’s spirit mind, will, emotions, body and heal land etc
  • Open people to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  • Release fresh insight, wisdom, authority, power and freedom.
  • Clarify  identity, purpose and destiny as ‘sons’ of God.
  • Lead people to godly relationships,  influences,  opportunities, provision.
  • Enable people to enter God’s kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy.  Ro 14:17
  • Fill places with God’s presence &  fruitfulness.

To become  an overflow channel of God’s blessing and rule:

  • Know you are a priest – called to bless.  Num 6:22-27, 1 Peter 2:5,9
  • Ask God to help you identify deeply, as one with the people, business, land, neighbourhood, you will bless.
  • Confess all areas unforgiveness, judgment and offence in your own heart e.g. lack of love for them. Ask God to show you what He wants you to repent of – on their behalf – so you (all) are cleansed from past and present sin. Confess your sins and break the curses and   consequences of rejecting Jesus, shedding innocent blood, immorality, broken covenants.. Gen 26:24, Num 16:46-48, Jer 14:7-, Eph 6:10-20
  • Obey God’s commands and you will enjoy His life giving blessings as a direct consequence. Deuteronomy Chapters 11 and 28 and 30:19
  • Release God’s blessings – His will, gifts, healing and purposes.
  • Blessing individuals, people groups and communities includes:

–  personal identity formation, enabling people know they are ‘sons’ of God

and receive our Father’s blessing.

–  honouring fathers and mothers

–  commissioning and honouring leaders 2 Tim 2:1-3

–  your ‘enemies’ Gen 17:17,  Matt 5:44

– Israel Gen 12:2-3, Nu 6:26, Heb 8:8-12

  • Blessing climate, land, waterways, livestock, crops. Deut 33:13-16

A Daily Prayer of Blessing for each area:

 We stand in the mighty name of Jesus and bless you (name of area)

That you might prosper under the mighty hand of God.

We bless you that justice and righteousness might take their proper place within your boundaries.

We bless you that the favour of the Lord might rest upon you and give you peace.

We bless you that the Father’s compassion might fall upon your people.

We bless your poor that they might be lifted up.

We bless you that the knowledge of Jesus might come in amongst you like a flood.

We bless the people of God in (name of area) that they might rise up with servant authority

and become a people of blessing.

We bless you that the joy of the Lord might be your strength. Amen.

 From Ffald-y-Brenin. www.ffald-y-brenin.org.

Permission is given to use this prayer that was used across the UK, for each of the 70 days that the Olympic torch was carried across the UK. See:http://www.houseofglorynetwork.com/uploads/5/8/7/5/5875367/keep_praying_and_bless.pdf

Have you read, “The Grace Outpouring – Blessing Others Through Prayer. The Amazing Story of God’s Work at Ffald-y-Brenin.” by Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts? It is the fastest selling Christian book in the U.K. Available:  Koorong, Word and online.

In July 2012 I had the privilege to spend some days at Ffald-y-Brenin, Wales experiencing God’s blessing, healing and revelation.

Blessing Pack: We distribute Ffald-y-Brenin resources in Australia – including Blessings, Daily Rhythm of Prayer, Booklet & 4 CDs on A Simple Guide to Establishing a House of Prayer. See Home Page. Additional Resources at www.ffald-y-brenin.org 

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