Be Lifted Up

Be blessed by asking yourself two questions:

A. “Under your…

 1.      Titles

2.     Credentials

3.     Roles

4.     Responsibilities

5.     Burdens

6.     Busyness & Striving

7.     Lethargy & Hopelessness

8.     Defences – pride, anger, rebellion, unforgiveness

9.      Brokenness – fears, shame, unfaithfulness & disappointment

10.   Destructive, addictive self-comforts.


… Do you know who you are?”


You are a precious child of God.

There is nothing you can do to change that.

Your Father loves you just as you are – no matter what.

There is nothing you can do to make God love you less.

There is nothing you can do to make God love you more.

Through his son Jesus, our Father God made a way for you

to be redeemed and reconciled and reformed in his likeness

–         with his goodness, kindness, strength, power and authority.

Will you choose to let Jesus wash away your sins

and to follow Jesus as your Lord?

If you say “Yes,” the Spirit of Jesus will fill you, comfort, empower and lead you.

You will get to know God as your loving Father and join his family.

You will overflow to others the forgiveness, mercy, love, kindness, hope and joy you have received.

Once you receive your identity and salvation as a gift of  God’s grace, you can’t do anything to add to this. And you can’t enjoy your new freedom if you return to your old ways and still try to do things in your own effort. 

Jesus doesn’t just want you to be his servant. He wants you to be one with him, as his friend and his bride in the intimacy of his glory.

B. So the Next Question is…

“Will you let God lift you up?”

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To be lifted up every day, humbly let go and let God

 1. Cleanse and free you.

2. Hold you in his embrace and defend you.

3. Fill you with his hope, faith, love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience & self-control.

4. Heal and renew you as you rest in him. 

5. Awe you with intimacy as you worship him.

6. Speak to you – to assure and guide you.

7. Give you his perspective, authority, gifts, boldness, powers and provision.

8. Fulfil your seasonal callings and life purpose.

9. Overflow you and lift others into the reality of Jesus’ kingdom on earth.

10. Reflect your Father’s likeness until the glory of his goodness covers the earth.

Lift up your praise and thanksgiving for who God is!
Bless his Holy Name! 



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