Bible Marathon Reading


In recent years churches have united to conduct Bible Marathons  reading the Bible right through aloud in public places in Brisbane,  Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gosford and Wellington…  and many other places.

Reading the entire Bible  aloud is a decalration that we will retain a knowledge of God in our nation (opposite to Romans 1:28).   It also pushes back the darkness, extending the tent pegs of God’s covering and protection (Isaiah 54:2) and is the sword of the Spirit by which we fight God’s battles.

We desire to encourage people to do a Bible Breakthrough in their region.  This simply involves reading the Bible aloud from Genesis to Revelation.  Each reader does 15 minutes at a time.  It takes approximately 72 hours to complete (3 nights and 3 days).  One way to encourage this is if you would let your friends know that this is a worthwhile and fun thing to do.  Please pray about this.

Hopefully people of all language backgrounds can read in their own languages.   The battle for control of the nation of Australia is at an important point. Please consider standing up for the retention of the Word of God in our nation.

Robyn Butt & Lyn Saunders want to make available to you resources that they have developed when conducting Bible Marathons over successive years. If you would like a free copy of these resources  you can contact Sue Tinworth

If you want more information about this please contact Robyn Butt



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