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40 Stories

Spread the good news about what Jesus is doing in our nation through our Indigenous brothers and sisters!

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will breath  life into these testimonies so they will become Fire in our hands that will ignite many new fires. Pray for wisdom to see Father’s strategy with them going into the future – who will carry them as light! Revelation 12:11

We are continuously receiving countless testimonies about how the 40 Stories have served as a catalyst for deeper friendship with Jesus, fresh insights and personal encounters with the Lord.

We would love to hear from you.  Get in touch and tell us how you or your family or community have been impacted by participating in the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting.  Email us at: rod@partnersinprayer.org.au

A Fresh Stream of Life-Giving Water

Former Chairman for the All Pacific Prayer Assembly, Pastor Emmanuel Fave, said that many years ago the Lord gave him a vision concerning Indigenous Australia:  “There were many small oases or pools out in the desert that were drying up without any ‘inlets’ or ‘outlets.’”

“It seems clear to me that as these 40 Stories are viewed across the nation and elsewhere that they are linked to these ‘inlets’ and ‘outlets’ being released like a tap with a fresh flow of water to connect with other pools and streams. I see a fresh stream of life-giving water that Jesus spoke of beginning to find its way out into the dry and thirsty hearts,” Pastor Emmanuel said.


Storyteller Mona Olsson, 84, is originally from a small Indigenous community called Mimili in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the northwest corner of South Australia. Her sister is a custodian of Uluru in the heart of the Australian desert.

Mona said that the daily devotionals and stories have brought about new insights and throughout the journey she has fallen more deeply in love with Jesus. “From glory to glory, He’s changing us to become His spotless bride.”

40 Stories participant Ms Ruth Nicholls sensed the Lord speaking to her after viewing Uncle Glen Cooke’s testimony. She felt Jesus said, “I see this land as a beautiful nation, a land rich in resources, both spiritual and natural. I created this land and its people, those who lived here from the beginning and those who have come from afar to make Australia home. There are many beautiful cultures that make up a delicately woven tapestry. Each one very different, but each created to glorify Me in My manifold wisdom. As the nationalities learn to honor and respect one another, and join together in giving Me glory and praise, so My Spirit will flow through this land to bring healing and restoration.”

40 Stories Workshop at Surrender Conference

40 Stories Surrender

Storytellers Miliwanga Wurrben (Katherine, NT) and Racheal Kendino (Manyallaluk Community, NT) presented a “40 Stories Workshop” at the Surrender conference held recently in Melbourne. The conference attracts people from many walks of life, including Indigenous people from across Australia. Storytellers Anderson George and Clyde Rigney’s wife, Rose, were also at the workshop.

Racheal and Miliwanga shared beautifully about walking closely with Jesus and the power of forgiveness and included their films as part of their presentation. 40 Stories cameraman and editor, Warwick Vincent, observed, “people were listening so intently, so engaged. The workshop was very rich.”

Warwick continued, “A group of local Secondary students had come to the tent to have afternoon tea when the workshop began to happen around them. Although some of them are not Christian, their teacher, who is a Christian Prayer leader, said the students loved it!”

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Prices will increase to $49 per DVD & CD Box Set and $39 per Digital Download from March 31st onwards.

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Since increasing our fundraising target amount to $120,000, we have had several donations and together we have now raised $111,050.  Thank you for your generosity!

Every seed sown helps cover the costs involved in getting these films into more people’s hands and on to more screens across Australia to save lives and change lives through the power and love of Jesus.

Our goal is for 10,000 Australians to become followers of Jesus through the presentation of the 40 stories.
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Pray with us for Australia and for people to receive Jesus. We believe 10,000 people will make a commitment to follow Jesus so we are linking the 40 films to an online Alpha course to make disciples: http://40stories.com.au/discoverjesus

It is all about Jesus – and His invitation to walk closely with Him!

We look forward to sharing more testimonies in the coming weeks about how the 40 Stories are bringing Jesus into people’s lives, communities, workplaces, schools and churches right across Australia.

Help us see 10,000 Australians become followers of Jesus through the presentation of the 40 stories.We’ll do this by promoting the stories through social media, YouTube and DVD. 50 advocates will bring the DVD box sets into schools, churches & community groups for outreach across Australia. We also want to work with you, the Australian Church, to share these stories with your friends, family & colleagues.


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