777: An Urgent Call to Prayer 1-7 July 2014


Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz has issued 777: An Urgent Call to Prayer on the first 7 days of the 7th month( 1-7 July) and for 7 hours on the 7th day, July 7.

By joining America in this we support three purposes across the planet:

  • For God the Father to restrain, protect, and deliver His people from the evil that has come into our world.
  • For God the Son to be exalted, magnified, and glorified in His Church, in our nation, and in our lives.
  • For God the Holy Spirit to fall on us in a fresh way, compelling the Church to repent of sin and our nation to return to faith in the living God, resulting in a great national spiritual awakening.

Read full text of Anne’s letter »

Daniel Lim,  CEO of International House of prayer – Kansas City www.ihopkc.org writes, “IHOPKC felt this is very timely and urgent call and will stand with Anne Graham’s initiative. I felt compel to write to you to explore mobilization of praying people and networks across ANZAC prayer alliance to pray on July 7. At IHOPKC, we will pray for revival and consecration in our broadcast from 10am-6pm CST on July 7. The same sequence will repeat 10pm- 6am CST on July 7-8.”

See: http://www.ihopkc.org/sounding-the-alarm/

I invite you to seek God’s leading. May the Father pour on you His grace to pray and fast for our planet at this crucial time. May our united prayer fulfil His purpose and bring Him glory.

 Sue Tinworth

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