Arise and Take Your Place at the Gates!

Ryan LeStrange

Besides being part of a city’s protection against invaders, city gates were places of central activity in biblical times. It was at the city gates that important business transactions were made, court was convened, and public announcements were heralded. Accordingly, it is natural that the Bible frequently speaks of “sitting in the gate” or of the activities that took place at the gate. In Proverbs 1, wisdom is personified: “At the head of the noisy streets she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks” (verse 21). To spread her words to the maximum number of people, Wisdom took to the gates.

When King David ruled Israel, he stood before his troops to give instructions from the city gate (2 Samuel 18:1-5). After his son Absalom died, David mourned but eventually returned to the city gate along with his people (2 Samuel 19:1-8). The king’s appearance at the gate signaled that the mourning was over, and the king was once again attending to the business of governing. The gates represent places of governing, places of identity, an entry point to influence in regions and people.

I decree the arising of gatekeeping apostolic leaders to command the regions to open up and receive the King of Glory. I decree gatekeeping churches to arise. I decree gatekeeping Hubs and centers to come forth. I decree gatekeeping prophets to arise with insight, announcement and prophetic strategy. May The Lord cause His mighty army to arise and man the battle stations. May we steward the decree and revelation. May we properly open up the gates for the move of God and the establishment of His Kingdom here, now, moving in power, majesty and authority.

Gatekeeping words arise! Gatekeeping leaders come forth. May the gift of utterance arise for regions and people. May there be greater realms of preaching and teaching to equip and empower the saints. May we stop being on the defense and instead engage offensive operations in the realm of the spirit. May we take our place of authority in the earth operating as true sons and daughters. May we stand at the gates of society…the media gates, the governmental gates, the educational gates, the gates of economy, and the gates of the church. May we occupy and establish. May we build and plant. May we break forth and break out. May we arise and take our place at the GATES! From Elijah List

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