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I just read this from John Dawson, Taking our Cities for God! (YWAM)

Whole countries are kept in darkness by satanic lies that have become cornerstones of a particular culture. Take, for example, the struggle with rejection and the fear of authority experienced by many Australians because their country originated as a penal colony. Entering through these cruel roots of Australian history, Satan has been able to create a general distrust of all authority figures, including the highest of all who is, of course, God Himself.

The truth is that Australia is not a nation founded on rejection and injustice, but a chosen people with as much dignity and potential as any people in history. They are a people greatly loved by a heavenly Father who is calling them to healing and purpose.

In Sydney in 1979 I witnessed an inter denominational gathering of 15,000 believers making a covenant with God on behalf of their nation. There was spiritual release when one leader led the crowd to extend forgiveness toward Britain for the injustice suffered by their forefathers in the establishment of Australia as a penal settlement.

Prophetic revelation about the purpose and destiny of the nation has been pouring into Australia through its national church ever since. Australian Christians have begun to discover many indicators of God at work even in the earliest days of their national history, and they are filled with faith concerning the future.

Just like those Australian Christians, we need to put today’s battles in their historical context. A study of history can give us clues as to God’s purpose for a city, and it can also reveal the points at which evil gained entrance.

What can we do about this today? What can we do now to correct evils that attended our city’s birth? Scripture gives us an answer. Through repentance, reconciliation, and prayer, the present generation can work to repair the broken-down walls of the city.

The whole article is worth a read:

Matt Prater, Historymakers

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