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November 3, 2023 Chris G. Bennett

I see a pot boiling. Actually it’s more like a giant witch’s cauldron — a very large black, round pot on three stout legs, with a good log fire burning under it.

There’s a bit of a stench coming from it. It appears to be unattended. I look around the pot which is in the middle of nowhere — a bit of a desert place, with nothing but brush and scrub in vision for quite a distance.

There’s a bit of a water hole nearby, and I know in my spirit that it’s brackish water and undrinkable.

An unseen hand appears to tip the whole cauldron over! The thick, oily liquid inside spews all over the ground, instantly killing everything it touches.

It also evaporates fairly quickly leaving a large patch of dead earth, and a horrible smell — which takes a while to blow away on a wind which has just sprung up.

Suddenly, a large Warrior Angel — owner of the unseen hand possibly — appears where the fire is still smoulders.

He rakes the ground with his sword as if inspecting it and, apparently satisfied, he walks over to where I’m standing, a few yards away.

I wasn’t aware that I was physically there, nor that I was visible! Apparently sensing my alarm and concern, he smiles reassuringly, has another glance around, before speaking to me.

“The prayers of righteous men and women avail much!” he quoted [James 5:16], then he asked, “Do you know where you are? Or what you’ve just witnessed? Or even why you’re here?”

I had to admit I had no idea what I was watching, nor why.

“You’re in the central place of witchcraft for the whole of Australasia!

This is where all the leading witches and warlocks of both Australia and New Zealand come to worship Satan and to ‘brew up’ their plans and schemes.”

I shuddered at the very thought of that, but he just carried on matter-of-factly, “I have been sent to destroy their plans and scatter their schemes to the four winds!

The LORD is answering the prayers of the righteous, as He promised!

You remember? ‘Ask anything in My Name, believing for it to be fulfilled, and it will be established for you!’”

He paused to let this sink in before continuing, “Watch for the turn-around, as God’s Will is established.

It will take a time for Satan does not give ground back very easily! But it is coming.

The hidden wickedness of politics and business will be exposed — and not just in Australasia, but in line with the rest of the world.

The LORD sends a message to the Intercessors and Prophets everywhere — Do not stop praying! Your prayers are achieving much – do not stop!

Continue to pray, to praise and worship in Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is watching and waiting for you to Worship and Pray. Your prayers are indeed collected in the Bowls of Heaven.

They are nearly full, nearly ready to be poured out. The answer to your prayers is coming.

What you have seen here is only the beginning, a start, an encouragement for you!

The LORD is waiting for you to press in ever harder in order to tip those bowls over.

The enemy is warring hard.

The LORD says to you, ‘War harder — press in — don’t let go the horns on the altar and you will win!’”

Suddenly I’m back at home again, but the sights, the sounds, even the smells of what I’ve witnessed are still fresh in my mind and in my memory.

God wins! That’s His Promise. Keep pressing in!

Chris G. Bennett

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